SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill confirms suicide attempt

March 30, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill confirmed he attempted suicide earlier this month, in a statement released today. Hill attributes his attempt on his life to the stresses of running for office.

After inching in front of his political opponent Stacy Korsgaden, Hill chaired a March 10 board meeting.

A day later, on March 11, FBI agents searched Hill’s office on the fourth floor of the county building and Hill’s home.

Later that day, emergency personnel transported Hill to a hospital following an attempted suicide. Hill has been noticeably absent from county meetings since he was released from the hospital.

Hill’s statement:

“In the weeks leading up to Election Day, I fell into a bad episode of depression, culminating in an attempt to end my life. At this time, I appreciate your respect for my privacy and your understanding.

“I’ll have more to say later, but right now my main focus is on restoring my health so I can return to the job I love.

“I cannot comment on pending confidential investigations by the FBI except to say that we are cooperating fully with their inquiries and will provide news when we can.

“With COVID-19 consuming our daily routine, I’m grateful for the outstanding work our county staff is doing and am humbled by the people of San Luis Obispo County and their efforts to help one another get through this crisis.

“In situations like this, it’s easy to become isolated and suffused with anxiety. It can take a toll.

“Please look out for each other. Especially those who are most vulnerable. These are demanding times.”


While they very well may have and I simply missed it, has this update been covered by the Tribune?


It’s Stacy’s fault. To challenge his entitlement to the position was an inexcusable affront to the SLO Progressives and if he kills himself it’s on her conscience.

Jorge Estrada

Suicide is a very serious successful outcry, usually fueled by anger.Taking drugs and being found by a close encounter, out in the open, is an attempt to stay alive. Being found by a stranger with low to no pulse in a locked room or in a parked car next to a manikin would be a foiled attempted suicide.This entire episode, the legal investigation and mental stability, should be resolved prior to the possibility of reclaiming a leadership role in our County Governance. You think?


Idk wtf is wrong with all you people. Adam Hill is a wonderful man who has done so much good for our community. He clearly tried to kill himself cuz he was afraid that everyone was gonna find out that he was in a sexual relationship with paul flores…yes, that paul flores…I know cuz just like when the FBI raided the flores home recently, they too will miss the crucial pieces of evidence buried right there under their noses while they try to make it seem like they are doing something to try to solve a case that any idiot could solve but no charges are ever brought against the guilty party even tho we all know they are guilty. Thank you slo county for being the best county to commit a crime and get away with it…Btw, what ever happened with that slo couple who lost their kids when they got caught up in that slopd cheifs lost gun at el pollo loco incident?


I would love an update of Cheyne Orndorff and family’s legal situation after the police chief lost her gun and he was falsely accused and his children were taken away.


Adam and his followers need to really think about something here. Consider a person, whoever it may be, is so overwhelmed and depressed because they might not get their way that they attempt to kill themselves. What will this tell you in regards to what they will or have done to get their way? If their willing to die, they are mentally unstable and anything can be considered justifiable. You need help Adam,time to hang it up and check out for a long while and get yourself together.


Folks this is the first step in the rehabilitation of Adam Hill. His statement was meant for his supporters who no doubt think the FBI raid is a conspiracy against this stalwart champion of the environment, underprivileged children, puppy dogs and rainbows.

Let him and his idiot supporters play make believe the rest of us know why he tried to off himself and what likely awaits him when the federal grand jury meets.

If Don Ernst makes a deal for Adam to flip on his partners it will be to keep him out of jail, not on the BOS.


How dare you Dan Dow!?! You ignored every crime this man committed against the people of SLO. To the point the Feds had to come in to do your job. Absolutely shameful.


Go ahead and get caught up some actual FACTS before spouting your ignorance.

Ted R

NOTE: The Department of Justice has no authority to intervene in matters of state law. The Department of Justice and the FBI can assume jurisdiction only when there has been a violation of federal law. Dow has jurisdiction over local and State law so Dow is clearly not doing his job.


If you were paying attention at all, you would know that Hill and Dow are practically enemies. It is because of Dow that the Fed’s are there investigating! Your vendetta against Dow is disturbing.


Yes, we can agree on that. It’s because Dow’s not doing any that the Feds are investigating. If you are trying to say Dow tipped the Feds… well… that is laughable. Moderator, can we get some feedback? Has CCN seen Dow ignor Hill’s crimes? Thank you!

Eyes Everywhere

You have no idea what you’re talking about and you clearly have zero idea of how law enforcement works. The Feds likely told Dow to step aside. They were taking over and investigating Hill on their own. Stop blaming Dow and be grateful the FBI was allowed to do its work.


Why do you people think Dow is exempt from doing his job? Why hasn’t Dow prosecuted Tenborg and Worrell for major embezzlement against the county? Hill is Dow’s failure and the Feds will only clean it up. Many of Hill’s crimes are federal. The rest of them belong to Dow. If you want to learn more about Dow turning a blind eye to justice, go to And Kag2020, eat your heart out.

Ted R

You sound so knowledgeable, here are the facts: “NOTE: The Department of Justice has no authority to intervene in matters of state law. The Department of Justice and the FBI can assume jurisdiction only when there has been a violation of federal law.” Would you like me to go over the list of local and state laws that have been broken by Hill? Dow is not doing his job.


The rumor around town is that Adam Hill’s buddy, attorney Don Ernst, is attempting to get Adam Hill a deal with the feds, to turn on several others and walk.

What about all the people Adam Hill has harmed: those he ordered to pay him bribes, those he has had his online trolls demean, those who have lost businesses, those who county staffers have harmed to support the abusive monster. I sure hope those who have dealt with Adam Hill’s threats and abuse get justice!!!

Eyes Everywhere

Don Ernst? Ha! Small town lawyer in over his head if Ernst’s the best that Adam Baby can use. He needs a big city attorney with federal experience.

I predict 3-5 for Adam down in Lompoc.


This man is NOT fit for office . Recall? yes , resign , absolutely. When I read the soft , dismissive coverage at the Tribune , I tasted vomit in my mouth . Now I’m thinking HOW can those people call themselves journalists? How can those sorry half—-s reporters try to paint Hill as the poster child for mental health victim when he is under Federal investigation for significant criminal wrong doing ?