SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill under psychiatric watch

March 13, 2020

Dee Torres and Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill was released from Arroyo Grande Hospital on Thursday after being placed on a psychiatric hold following an alleged overdose, according to county sources.

A county employee, who asked to be unnamed to protect employment, said medical personnel placed Hill on a 5150 hold following his suspected suicide attempt. California Welfare and Institution Code provides for the temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others.

Hill is currently chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

On March 11, the FBI served a search and seizure warrant under seal to the County of San Luis Obispo. Agents then searched Hill’s office on the fourth floor, according to a county official.

A few hours later, at 1:22 p.m., emergency personnel responded to Hill’s Shell Beach home for a medical emergency. Medical personnel then transported Hill to a hospital.

Hill’s estranged wife Dee Torres informed the Tribune that Hill was released from the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital on March 12 under the care of a doctor. Last year, Hill filed for divorce from Torres, who currently lives out of the county, according to their divorce records.

For more than five years, multiple people affiliated with a pair of local developers and the marijuana industry have accused Hill of participating in pay-to-play schemes. The county and federal investigators are not disclosing the reason for Wednesday’s raid.

Hill is currently ahead in the District 3 supervisor race. Hill leads Stacy Korsgaden 51 percent to 49 percent, or by 528 votes. There are currently 817 uncounted ballots.

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A) I think this is the tip of the iceberg. FBI is not an efficient organization (probably cannot be), so I can only speculate that the investigation has been going on for some time if they’re at the “raid” point. Keep an eye on other “officials” in one of the most corrupt areas of the country, as Hill may either rat them out to save his own skin (I’m guessing Hill knows where the bodies are buried, as the saying goes).

B) What happened to that little guy out in Los Osos that was Hill’s lapdog? I can only imagine he’s being looked at, too. Poor thing, he was so committed to Hill…

C) Once again (and again and again) CCN not only is vindicated, but so utterly DOMINATING local news and reporting, KSBY, Trib, whatever else are probably feeling guilty and/or shameful (assuming they actually wanted to be in the news business). CalCoastNews derangement syndrome will be in full effect.

The psychiatric evaluation is decades overdue….

When he wins, can he still do his job from prison?

Wow, the rest of the local media really protects Hill, and apparently always has. Shame shame. How can protecting Hill be more important than reporting truth to the people? Thank you CCN, you have taken the hits to share truth.

I gave up on ksby some time ago. The Trib eh, what can you say. But, back to ksby and what they report, or dont report. Its like their trying to stay afloat with little snippets of stories. No details,no follow up, just car wrecks or whatever they can grab on short notice locally or plagiarizer from national news. I may be missing it somewhere but I still see no hill story as of today at 1:30pm. There is one thing for sure,neither ksby, the fib or new times can compete with the level of accuracy and detail CCN provides. They might as well throw in the towel and say good night CC. It do provide a handful of good paying jobs, that’s all really.

If Hill stays on the Board [which he shouldn’t} there must be some legitimate fears on the part of the Board and County staff that someone this unstable could go postal. He shouldn’t be released until that possibility is put to rest.

When will SLO county government choose to protect the people? Dow let it get this far. The FBI have the goods and will do Dow’s job now.

Dow HAS done his job. that is why the Fed’s are here. You are a hater.

KAG2020-You don’t know Dan Dow with a comment like that! Dan Dow is a criminal and puppet to his whittlers and makers (aka: the police unions). Dan would be the last guy to call the FED’s but the first person to work with them to save his ass when the show up! This is the opinion of many including myself!

Don’t forget there is the American Disability Act, certain arrangements could be made for him to perform his job? Shackles, handcuffs, padded office, airline flight regulations, etc.

…and please, no gun!!!!!!

I wonder what it was about the FBI visiting his office that caused him to attempt suicide? I can only speculate:

1. He was distraught because the FBI might stymie Hill’s plans to save the planet

2. He was depressed because the FBI agents were not progessives and thus via their investigation might delay fairness and equality.

3. FBI nonsense might stand in the way of helping the homeless, something Hill and his ex?-wife know more about than just about anyone….

4. Neither the tribune or KSBY is reporting a suicide attempt, which means there isn’t one. Hill is being framed by his political enemies….this caused him to get so depressed he decided to OD….

5. He tested positive for Coronavirus and didn’t want to die, so he tried to take his own life.

I think Adam Hill just needs a long weekend and then he can get back to work creating paradise here in SLO county. Obviously, he’s no criminal….and if it appears he is, he’s being framed by Trump….or Congalton. Yeah….that’s it. He’s being framed.

What has me worried is that other local officials might also be investigated by the FBI. We simply cannot go forward without local politicians that align with Hill. Without Adam Hill and the progressive gang, it will only be a week or two until our drinking water is poisoned and the very air we breathe will become toxic and bicyclists will all be hunted down on our local roads. What’s worse is that the monopoly on cannabis permits in SLO county might not be maintainable…..

currently chairman of the Board of Supervisors…seriously?

placed on a psychiatric hold following an alleged overdose

placed on a 5150 hold following his suspected suicide attempt

Time for a change.

Pretty scary eh? This is the guy who for some 12 years was leading the BOS? Voted in time and time again. Once a teacher as well were told. Its no wonder our educational system is what it is with people like Hill brainwashing our kids. Unless absolute voter fraud is proven it really makes one wonder about the peeps of the CC themselves who supported him this long.

If not for CalCoastNews, this story would be buried already by the local media. Astounding!

No shitz!