Supervisor Adam Hill attempts suicide following FBI raid

March 12, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday because of an apparent suicide attempt, just hours after FBI agents raided his office at the County Government Center.

At 1:22 p.m., emergency personnel responded to Hill’s Shell Beach home for a medical emergency. He was then transported to Arroyo Grande Hospital.

On Wednesday morning, the FBI served the County of San Luis Obispo a search and seizure warrant under seal and searched Hill’s office on the fourth floor.

For more than five years, multiple credible sources have reported corruption surrounding Hill, several developers and a group of marijuana businessmen. This includes allegations of pay-to-play, harassment and threats.

Hill is currently ahead in the District 3 supervisor race. Hill leads Stacy Korsgaden 51 percent to 49 percent, or by 528 votes. There are currently 817 uncounted ballots.

Jorge Estrada

Government taxes you for the common good. When the ethical behavior of these people are allowed to harm the public, corrupt fare practices and go on UNCHECKED FOR YEARS, my opinion is that this event will make the ME TOO movement a gentle hand slap by comparison to what is to come for the administrative cover-up and self serving misappropriation of our county budget.


Local corruption just like most of the elected in the state and people know it and still vote them in. You believe in what these people say and vote for them and you can see what the state is like now for it. So nieve


First and foremost I hope and pray he survives and seeks out the help that he needs. Secondly, I really do hope that he quietly backs away from politics. Thirdly, book ’em Dano!


My guess would be the rest of the Sups will leave his spot vacant for a while to see how this plays out, with enough outrage of the citizens complaining about hill and his antics ( some more) they won’t need to hold a special election, Stacey should be the one to move into the position, as soon as hill is deemed unfit or in jail.


No surprise here. The real surprise is why it has taken so long for the truth to start being revealed when people in the know knew what Hill had been doing for years. Having lived in this city for 50 years, 7 of which I served on the SLO City Council, I have never seen such corruption as that brought here when Adam Hill came into public office.

If he survives, he should resign immediately. If he doesn’t survive, it will be a tragedy that will haunt this County and the 3rd District for years.


One can see a “permanent disability” claim in Hills future, with lifetime payments and pension.


At this point, it would be prudent to review elected position vacancy laws. If it needs to be filled, who makes the decision? I understand it isn’t necessarily the governor in this case.


I don’t know enough about the rules of politics (or lack thereof) but it wasn’t long ago he came out and said he was highly depressed. At that point in time, wouldn’t it have been a better action to do something about it instead of let this continue? Having mentally unstable people in charge of major things is not a good idea.


How is it known Mr Hill attempted suicide vs it being a medical emergency? CCN is normally on the mark with their reporting so I’m curious as to how this information was discovered.


Possibly the live audio feeds of the police and fire scanner? The dispatcher may have said it was a suicide attempt if that is the info they had. Then radio chatter between the sheriff and fire department would also be heard by the public throughout the call. Someone on another site said they heard the broadcast on the scanner, citing the Pismo Beach (Shell Beach) address and possible suicide, but they didn’t know it was Adam Hill’s address until this morning.