Cal Poly freshman dies from undetermined illness

April 1, 2020

A freshman Cal Poly student died earlier this week in the Los Angeles area following a bout with an undisclosed illness, the university announced Wednesday.

Luke Fradin was a business administration student from Hidden Hills, located on the western edge of the San Fernando Valley.

Fradin became ill in mid-March. Due to his symptoms, Fradin was tested for COVID-19 while he was ill, and the test results came back negative, Cal Poly administrators said.

The cause of Fradin’s death is under investigation. University officials have not released addition information surrounding the circumstances of the death.

“Luke’s sudden and tragic passing is devastating news to share,” Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong and Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey said in a joint statement. “The university remains in contact with Luke’s family to offer our support, and our thoughts are with them and Luke’s friends during this difficult time.”

Cal Poly students are currently on an extended spring break as they prepare to switch to virtual classes. Many students returned to their hometowns around the conclusion of winter term final exams on March 19.

The university is offering virtual counseling to all students seeking such services.


It was sad to learn that this young man died. He tested negative for Corona virus, proving that not everyone who dies has the virus.

Meanwhile, the overall death rate (all causes lumped together for a total number of people who die) remains the same, worldwide.

Covid-19 better get going or that new hospital being assembled at Cal Poly won’t even have a single patient.

ER’s remain nearly empty, with wait times the shortest they’ve ever been, nationwide.

Yes….these are facts. Look them up.


Could be he was the victim of a false negative or he just caught something else…there are some nasty illnesses in parts of Los Angeles…