Investigators seeking to arrest controversial SLO developer

April 6, 2020

Jeremy Pemberton

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office has charged a local developer with securities fraud, financial elder abuse, and grand theft related to his attempt to garner investors for a proposed bowling alley and bar. A warrant has been issued for Jeremy Pemberton’s arrest.

Between April through Aug. 2017, Pemberton is accused of fraudulently obtaining in excess of $500,000 from one victim and more than $200,000 from another.

It is alleged that Pemberton misrepresented the amount of financing he had received from other investors and failed to disclose a default on the lease for 1144 Chorro Street in San Luis Obispo. Pemberton promoted Discovery San Luis Obispo as a multi-use facility.

Pemberton is facing charges of two counts of securities fraud, one count of financial elder abuse, and two counts of grand theft. If convicted of all charges, Pemberton faces a prison sentence of up 16 years, four months in jail.

In 2014, Jeremy Pemberton and his twin brothers Joshua Pemberton began to solicit investors in their plan to turn the site of the San Luis Obispo Sports Authority into a bowling alley, restaurant and performance site for live music. Their goal was to open in late 2015.

At the time, San Luis Obispo city officials voted in favor of the brother’s plans even though they had been accused of fraud regarding similar proposals in Santa Barbara County. The twins’ prior business deals resulted in claims of fraud and a bankruptcy with $1.4 million in unpaid wages, debts and charity pledges that were never fulfilled.


You people ripping on Dow have no clue how the legal system works. In your minds, if someone says another person is corrupt or has committed a crime, and if Dow hasn’t arrested them by the next day, then Dow is protecting them or sitting on his hands. You guys are pathetic.

what the

What the…!?! Kag, what’s your trip with Dan Dow? You know as well as anyone, Dow has overlooked and refused to prosecute Adam Hill and his cronies. Plain and simple. The truth is coming out in a federal indictment. When Hill kidnapped Velie’s children where was Dow? When Hill committed fraud on the court to commit financial elderly abuse and grand theft on Blackburn, and grand theft on Velie, where was Dow? We now know the Tenborg lawsuit was an attempt to silence CCN from exposing the crimes committed by Worrell, Tenborg and Hill with the IWMA. What have you been doing all this time Dow? What would cause you to look the other way? Do tell!

Jorge Estrada

Sadly there is a growing number of wealthy seniors that are not getting smarter and want attention. This is the anniversary week of the Newhall cop killers of fifty years ago, sadly the two thugs had planned to rob banks and open a old folks home in Texas after they had their funding. Easy money after the risk of bank robberies.Their plan was foiled after killing four CHP Officers. Ripping off seniors or the weak is safer, unethical but legal enough for the repeats like the accused Pemberton scheme.

the situation

Great job Dano, but you do realize Petetit/Belsher have been doing the same thing for the last 8 years, have tons of lawsuits against them and are accused of taking millions from multiple investors??? Grab your balls and get to work


Balls already grabbed… these guys have been on CalCoastNews’ radar and news site since … wait for it … 2015. Many stories since… here’s first


Yet another county criminal enterprise stripped naked by Velie’s reporting. Check the string of Pemberton articles on this site dating back to 2015.


A handsome young lad that will fulfill the dreams of big bad bubba in cell # 13. Enjoy scumbag, payback is a MoFo.

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How about Grossmsn, Belsher, and Petetit/Wright? I’ll bet the FBI is looking at all of Adam Hill’s friends. How do you sleep at night Dow?


Given his salary and benefits and how little work he does, probably quite soundly.


I can imagine if I was Dow and and I had been ignoring multiple criminal complaints about Adam Hill for years and the FBI and other federal agencies started swooping, I may be a bit nervous.