Pandemic or not, spring has arrived in SLO County

April 25, 2020


Poppies bloom and horses prance through green meadows, oblivious to the current chaos. On a drive through San Luis Obispo County, photographer Richard Bastian snapped pictures that capture the beauty of our community in the spring.

A windmill on Vineyard Drive neat Templeton


A view of the Pacific Ocean north of Cambria


A horse enjoying the sunshine in Atascadero


Signs of spring in Atascadero


A winery off Highway 46 West in North County


Annuals dot the countryside


A squirrel enjoys the beach near San Simeon


Flowers bloom along Highway 46 near the coast


A view of the Pacific Ocean north of Cambria


Lupine carpet a hillside in the North County


A bluejay enjoys a worm


The beauty of spring in North County


Deer grazing in eastern Atascadero


A view of the Pacific Ocean north of Cambria


Poppies in bloom off Highway 1 in the North County


A majestic oak in the North County


Cattle graze off Highway 46


An old barn in rural Paso Robles


A quiet drive off Morro Road in Atascadero



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Very nice! Except that squirrel isn’t wearing a mask! (ok, ok…)

If we’re going to be on lock-down, might as well be in one of the most beautiful places in the US!

Great pictures! I remember Richard when he would visit Mid State Motors back in the late nineties with his grandson. Hope both are doing well.

Richard you really captured our community thank you for sharing.

Gorgeous photos! Thank you, Richard.

Thanks, Richard.

A very welcomed respite from everything that’s going on.