Santa Barbara County medical workers and deputies infected with coronavirus

April 11, 2020

The number of cornavirus cases in Santa Barbara County continues to rapidly increase propelled largely by cases in the North County where sheriff deputies, inmates and medical personnel have been especially hard hit.

Of the 260 confirmed cases in Santa Barbara County, five deputies who worked in the North County have tested positive. The latest confirmed test was from a deputy who was patrolling the Santa Maria area on April 3, when he began experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms. He is currently recovering at his home in San Luis Obispo County.

In Santa Maria and Orcutt, 87 residents have confirmed cases.

Countywide, 37 health care workers have tested positive for the virus. Santa Barbara County has 40 people hospitalized with the virus, with 18 of those in intensive care units.

An outbreak of coronavirus at the Lompoc Federal Prison has infected 40 people — 46 inmates and 14 employees.

Staff at the facility, which houses about 2,700 inmates, is constructing a makeshift hospital to handle patients if the local hospital exceeds capacity.