The absolute necessity to challenge Governor Newsom

April 30, 2020

Andy Caldwell


The California economy is on the verge of ruin, and our society is on the verge of collapse, because of the abusive power grab of Governor Gavin Newsom that has been aided and abetted by local officials who are refusing to challenge the governor in a meaningful and timely manner.

How bad is our situation?  Consider the following dire implications of this protracted shutdown on the most vital sectors of our economy which has resulted in the loss of one million U.S. jobs per day:

Small business: One in four businesses are about to close permanently, meaning the jobs and revenue they represent are not coming back for a very long time.

Supply chains: Our food supply, including meat, vegetables, eggs, and the like are going to be in short supply because half of our food is eaten outside the home and most of those outlets have been closed.  This has forced producers to destroy supply, which threatens them financially. Furthermore, due to financial hardships, people are switching to cheap basics, such as beans, flour, rice, etc.

All told, the breakage of the supply chain portends food shortages while also threatening to bankrupt farmers, ranchers, and processors.

Medical sector: The cancellation of so-called “elective” diagnostics and surgeries, in and of itself, presents a larger health risk than did cv19! Sixty-thousand family practices will close or significantly scale back, and 800,000 of their employees will be laid off, and that does not include more than 200 hospitals across the land that are also laying off thousands of staff members and incurring significant losses.

Public safety: The release of dangerous prisoners, including serial child molesters and sexual predators.

Government finances: The federal government is burning through one million dollars a minute with no end in sight. The shutdown is creating a financial death spiral as it relates to the government borrowing money while simultaneously destroying the private sector economy which is the source of its funds.

Moreover, neither the federal nor state governments have the money to cover unemployment claims nor the future demands on social services, including the costs of food and rent for millions of people that are suffering impending financial disaster.

Energy: The glut of fuel supplies due to less economic activity, coupled with the price wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran, have caused energy prices to plummet. What that means is that our energy providers are going to be forced to shut down production and lay off workers creating another future gap in our ability to restart our economy.

The law: This is perhaps the most dangerous and dire threat to our society and our economy.  The governor’s only legitimate power to impose a shutdown depends on a bonafide emergency that creates a compelling government purpose to limit our freedom and liberty, including our ability to make a living.  Even then, the governor’s use of this power must be narrowly construed.

The original and legitimate goal of flattening the curve and creating surge capacity has been met. There is no longer a grave threat to public health and safety that warrants the continued shutdown in light of the fact that our care providers have surge capacity. The governor, therefore, no longer has the legitimate authority to continue to impose a form of martial law on the residents of our state.

Furthermore, no second wave of the coronavirus is coming, based on the experience of other countries, and the damage this shutdown is creating exceeds the damage from the virus, which was never as dangerous as they said it was, in two meaningful ways.

First, we did not lose over two million American lives from the virus as predicted because the virus was never that deadly to begin with. These projections were based on computer models, not the real data from throughout the world. These models were off by orders of magnitude.

Second, the actual number of deaths has been grossly distorted, manipulated and exploited. That is, if somebody had coronavirus, they were deemed to have died from coronavirus, including those people who were in hospice before the outbreak began!

The actual number of deaths in America, including in New York, have been exaggerated as a result of a directive to assign death by “presumption,” by the thousands.

Finally, a significant number of deaths occurred in nursing homes due the fact that several governors, including New York’s Cuomo and California’s Newsom, forced nursing homes to admit coronavirus positive patients with the result of the disease spreading like wildfire in these institutions housing the most vulnerable among us.

These are just a few of the reasons I believe it is time to revolt against Governor Gavin Newsom’s dangerous and illegitimate power grab.

What should local government do?

They should officially declare the emergency is over within the boundaries of their jurisdiction and refuse to enforce any of the restrictions or penalties associated with the governor’s rogue use of his authority.

If they don’t unilaterally do so and do it soon, they are going to bear co-responsibility for one of the greatest disasters in our country’s history.

This is not an easy decision to make, but it is the only choice we have.

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Amazing comments.lets reopen everything .say no to authority.forget the nurses.cops,firemen and all the dead.I Am a American,i do not give a damn about other people.i am a My country(i mean the country in my head)

Whoa!,do you want a civil war?

Mr. Caldwell is spot on. Newsome, and several other governors alike have taken actions that far exceed the broad powers that they have in a crisis situation. There are difficult decisions to make in a time like this, however, fear doesn’t trump the rights of American citizens.

The bottom line is that the government may not take away our lives, property, or liberties without due process. The balance between protecting people, and preserving the core values of this nation is not easy to accomplish, but we have to always be vigilant and aware that anytime any authority wishes to impose control over us, we must challenge the reasons, and demand clear and ample evidence to substantiate the measures taken.

We cannot simply go along with whatever we are told. This is not only the right of every citizen to challenge the government, it is actually the duty of each one of us to challenge authority whenever it approaches any control over our freedom and liberties.

Fear must never trump our rights. Due process is core to our legal system, and so to is the idea that the state is not above the individual, and therefore it may not take anything from us without showing clear and compelling evidence that in not taking away specific rights it will lead to serious threats to our society.

The lawsuits that will emerge from all of this are absolutely necessary, as they will allow the courts to begin narrowing down the broad powers not specified in our constitution, so that something like this never happens again. This will prove to be, either a turning point in our history, or a very dark and bitter part of that history where we failed to uphold our duty.

Our duty is to ensure the survival of this nation, and it is up to each one of us to live up to that obligation. Being an American is not a free ride, and our freedom comes at a cost. It isn’t easy to be an American, as it means we are responsible to all future generations to preserve the core values that this nation was founded upon. It seems as though either most people have forgotten this obligation, or never knew that this obligation is theirs to meet.

America is ours to either allow to die, or demand is survives, and all it takes to know this as all true…read the Declaration of Independence, as it clearly states that we must not allow any government to rule over us in a manner which is not in line with our core values of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

This is a long opinion to break down. But anyway, I can support re-opening. There’s no sense in staying locked down especially in areas with little problem.

Newsom is doing the best he can considering the circumstances.

Too many points to comment on each one. Statistics always skewed to whoever is presenting them.

There absolutely will be a second wave, just because other countries didn’t have one doesn’t mean shit. USA is now the most infected country in the world. The federal response has been tepid.. how’d we get from 1 to 1 million in 6 weeks?

As far as food, USA has typically wasted 40 to 50 percent. We will live. Eat more veggies.

Well said!! Newsom and his regime need to go! Easy for him to spew all this “ to keep the public safe” when he’s living high in his ivory tower, collecting his paycheck.

I voted for Andy in the most recent election but due to his recent opinions on KVEC Dave Cogalton’s radio talk show and this type of opinion it is currently looking like I will not do so in November. This opinion piece sounds like a ventriloquist for Trump. I mean, these sound like words Trump would speak. There is no way I will vote for him now, which means “voting for the lessor of two evils”. No offense to Andy or Salud with the term evils, it is just used as a manner of speech.

Thanks for your comment. What kind of medical degree do you have?

“Furthermore, no second wave of the coronavirus is coming, based on the experience of other countries…”

That is absolutely not proven and Dr. Fauci, at one of the president’s own news conferences, said the virus will most definitely return next winter. I tend to believe scientists and not guys who have made their living doing nothing productive in this world other than criticizing and pontificating over the radio.

Just two days ago South Korea disproved the second wave theory (reinfections did not occur with people who had covid-19 antibodies.) and Fauci has already been shown to have used faulty modeling in the predicted number of fatalities.

However since you seem to stick to only snippets of information instead of a holistic understanding of the situation, I don’t think there is anything anyone can write or say that would change your opinion on the matter.

Sure, you must be right. After all, Donald Trump told us it would disappear “just like a miracle.” And Mike Pence said the whole thing will be behind us by Memorial Day. They have never lied to us before, so why should I doubt their integrity this time???