When will SLO County relax shelter-at-home rules?

April 19, 2020

Photo by Joey Blackburn

San Luis Obispo County officials extended the shelter-at-home order to May 16, while explaining that the rules could be relaxed earlier if the state permits. Meanwhile, Gov. Gavin Newsom has provided a list of benchmarks, but no timeline for a phased reopening.

There is hope that local governments can start relaxing rules in early May. The exact timeline, however, is dependent on factors such as the number of hospitalizations and tests available.

Until there is a vaccine, it is likely some rules will be relaxed while others will remain in place. It is possible more retailers and restaurants will be permitted to open, while required to follow strict social distancing rules. Large gatherings, such as concerts and sporting events, will be slower to return.

On Saturday, the SLO County Health Department reported four new cases of the virus.

Of the 131 confirmed cases of coronavirus in San Luis Obispo County, 110 individuals have recovered and one has died. Of those still suffering from the virus, there are three people hospitalized — with two in intensive care units, and 17 recuperating at home.

Cases by city:

  • Paso Robles — 32
  • Atascadero 23
  • Arroyo Grande — 18
  • San Luis Obispo — 15
  • Nipomo — 12
  • Templeton — 7
  • Morro Bay — 6
  • Pismo Beach — 5
  • Other county cases — 13

In California, there have been 30,831 positive cases and 1,148 deaths.

Currently, more than 755,162 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 40,109 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 2,387,502 cases with 164,194 dead.

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I don’t want to wait until everyone in the state is flat broke…

When should the lockup(down) be lifted? Here are some commonsense ideas presented for general guidance, awareness and possible reflection by the more intellectually nimble of us.

When should the lockup(down) end?

When the last patient is discharged from the 900+ bed hospital built at the Cal Poly Rec center.

When we stop having so many people dying from Covid-19.

When we stop hearing about so many people getting infected every day.

When we realize that as we test more people for Covid numbers of cases go up and the “killifying power” of the disease goes way down…..

When we stop having to furlough doctors, nurses and other hospital employees because there’s nothing for them to do.

When we comprehend that sunlight, longer photoperiod and warmer temps will stop the spread of all Corona viruses, including this one.

Until the death and carnage stop…the bodies stop piling up in the streets and we all stop losing loved ones to the disease….until then, we must be locked up. (down)

That will be far too late to save the economy

Tell that to all the sick people in the new Cal Poly hospital! Tell that to the hundreds of people on death’s door in SLO county……

Our leaders clearly believe that our personal freedom, including the freedom to engage in commerce, is secondary to our freedom to be locked-up(down) because there is a virus that the experts claim will kill many of us.

True, overall numbers of deaths are LOWER this year than compared to the same weeks of last few years…..including in Italy, CA and Spain. And I’ll admit that the overall statistics from this year will show a mildly bad flu season….nothing as bad as 2017-18….but still mildly bad.

But if we can save just one life…..

Also, if you followed my train of thought and was more aware of what is going on around you, you’d realize that there hasn’t been a single patient in the 900+ bed facility built at Cal Poly. So….we not only have to wait for the “last” patient to be discharged….we also have to wait for the first patient to be admitted! And that could take a long time, cuz this disease just isn’t killing as many as the experts hoped.

Newsome is a Idiot,

Anybody listening to him and his Leadership is a Idiot,

Open this State NOW!

The Money he gave to Illegals would pay for all the Testing for the 19 Virus,

If you have a Fever, stay home,


I will be going back to work.

Somebody has to Pay this Jackass’s Salery.

Democrats are Killing our Great State.

To quarantine the sick is prudent, to quarantine the healthy is tyranny.

You are giving up your freedoms for an illusion of safety.

Since when has the government gotten anything right. The numbers on their models

are all overblown.

Where are the protesters. Businesses need to reopen and the young need to return to


You all need to tell Borenstein bear to back off.

Don’t let her or Mr. Newsam drive SLO and the great state of CA to the brink of dispair.

Or put conversely; Don’t ask me to ‘give up” my safety for your illusion of freedom.

Most every great moment met in American history, (WWII, Civil War, Great Depression) meant sacrifice of personal freedoms by the populace for the greater good.

Coming together, collectively, by definition requires one to willingly sacrifice personal freedoms of some sort. Chaos by definition does not.

The greatest generation didn’t spend a lot of time complaining about lost personal freedoms, but concerned itself with ensuring freedom itself …by temporarily suspending some along the way.

I’ve noticed that THOSE in power and most vocal advocates of continuing the quarantine have JOBS and are employed . If the loudest voice consisted of the so-called “non essential” worker , you would have a different narrative . I’m for being smarter now , let up some , isolate those who can be harmed and let’s try to reopen . And for those of you who are employed by govt, or currently have work PLEASE be understanding. This week, the statistics are going to show a different disease than we thought . We need to unwind the fear and try to smartly reopen .

A good many of them suck on the government tit in some way or another…they are either enlisted in the Free S**t Army or are government employees, meaning that they get paid no matter what.

Private sector “essential” workers are too damn tired from long hours of potentially hazardous work around the public to be howling about keeping the lockdowns around forever.

Only overpaid and underworked dolts in their comfy living rooms with a glass of wine have that luxury as they parrot MSNBC and CNN talking points.

Has a single government employee lost his/her job?

Likely not, and they are the loudest voices online to extended the lockdown indefinitely. They’re too stupid to know that their goose is cooked without tax revenues from the private sector. Don’t be surprised to see some businesses move to free(er) states when this subsides if they are still standing.

Just forget this when the tax increase is the new emergency.

“In California, there have been 230,831 positive cases and 1,148 deaths.”

In California, there are approximately 39,937,489 people (not counting illegals). Not to be crass, but 231K out of 39.9M is roughly 0.00578 or 0.5% HALF of a single percent of the entire state…

And the ridiculous Governor either wants or is being advised to extend the destruction of the economy? What is most frightening for me is the people who will be shown that this was a fraud and power-grab, yet STILL say things like “better safe than sorry!” or some other nonsense.

We can live carefully, some of us will continue to get sick; most wont. You don’t burn your house down because there might be termites.

Those numbers are low because of the stay at home orders. Take those away–or if we had a time machine and never implemented them in the first place–those numbers go up. Just because the numbers are low now is no evidence that the corona virus some sort of fraud or a hoax.

I find the economic arguments for opening everything back up quite interesting. I mean sure, there are gradations in how we can go about it, but it would be utterly foolish to go so far as to allow mass gatherings to reoccur. I think this whole situation also reveals a lot about our society in general. Like ancient Rome, the economy must expand or die, and it doesn’t matter if that expansion consists of consumerist nonsense like sports stadiums, wineries, restaurants, or other “service” sector business that utterly fail under stay at home orders. Those vanity industries still keep the debt-financed economy ball rolling by creating more demand for more traditional manufacturing and construction industries. From a personal survival perspective, there should seem like no reason why we *need* to reopen sports stadiums or restaurants, and it should follow that if those things are not needed for personal survival, why risk opening them? Well now we know why. But while those people with financial investment in keeping things going demand the economy to reopen so they don’t lose their investments, at the end of the day they still depend on foolish people to now go to the bars and to the sports stadiums and whatnot. And when those wise enough to know that this virus has not run its course yet stay away–and when those businesses still continue to suffer–the financially invested persons will continue to scream about how people are over reacting and to go back to patronizing their establishments… for the economy. Because at the end of the day, the people are expendable and are necessary sacrifices upon the altar of the economy.

Roy, 30,000 cases in CA not 231k.

rOy, what if the termites eat grandma? Is she just deadwood to you?

Don’t make any plans for the Fair, Vina Robles, or Avila Blues Fest…they ain’t gonna happen.

Let’s do them….locals only. Problem solved.