Atascadero bank robber on the loose

May 28, 2020

Atascadero police are looking for the man responsible for robbing the Golden 1 Bank on El Camino Real on Thursday afternoon.

Shortly after 4 p.m., the man entered the bank, produced a note demanding money, and said he had a gun. After receiving an undisclosed amount of cash, the man fled the bank.

Witnesses report seeing the suspect get into a black four-door sedan, possibly a Nissan, and leave the area. Witnesses describe the robber as a white man.

Atascadero police, with the help of the FBI, are investigating the robbery. Officers are asking anyone with information about the incident or the suspect to call the Atascadero Police Department.

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I’m a bit perplexed by all the “white man” comments. When a crime is committed and it is broadcast/announced to the public, a physical description is normally provided including the witnesses best guess regarding “race color” as well as height, weight, what the suspect was wearing, etc. What am I missing that seems to have others leaving such snide “white man” comments?

This Golden 1 branch is very small and in a not so easily assessable (get away) location which to me, is very telling of how desperate people are right now. Shouldn’t we be concerned about the crime in our community?

Everyones rational point was how can you identify a perp with a vague description, settle down, this isn’t about race, and please dont turn it into one.

If you are asking a question, you answered it yourself, “A physical description is normally provided.” Just a white man, black 4 door sedan, possibly a Nissan. If the PD is asking for help please give us something more to work with. In this case I am glad my car is silver.

Black car, white man. As opposed to white car, black man. Just the facts ma’am, just the facts.

Was he wearing a mask? Oh wait!

Insensitive reporting and witnesses. No one knows whether the perp identifies as a man.

No camera shots? Was he practicing social distancing? Was he wearing a mask?

Anyone see a white male in a black car after 4:00 in Atascadero?

Well now I’m curious, what kind of white man was he? A red headed Irishman or a faded Latino or just your average bank robing white man?