Comparing coronavirus cases in SLO County, to nearby counties

May 9, 2020

After having a minor escalation in new coronavirus cases in late April and early March, the number of new infections in San Luis Obispo County has slowed with only 13 during the past six days. At the same time, cases in several nearby counties have skyrocketed.

New Cases in Santa Barbara County have more than doubled in the past week, primary due to more that 800 inmates at the federal complex in Lompoc testing positive. More than half the states coronavirus deaths have occurred in Los Angeles County, where infections in the homeless population have helped spread the virus.

Coronavirus confirmed cases by county:

Los Angeles County has 31,197 confirmed cases, 1,512 deaths.

Santa Barbara County has 1,250 confirmed cases, 11 death.

Kern County has 1,228 confirmed cases, 15 deaths.

Tulare County has 1079 confirmed cases, 46 deaths.

Fresno County has 885 confirmed cases, nine deaths.

Ventura County has 652 confirmed cases, 19 deaths.

Monterey County has 267 confirmed cases, six deaths.

Kings County has 265  confirmed cases, one death.

San Luis Obispo  County has 214 confirmed cases, one death.

San Benito County has 55 confirmed cases, two deaths.

Of the 214 confirmed coronavirus cases in SLO County, 172 individuals have recovered and one has died. Of those still suffering from the virus, there are six people in the hospital — with two in intensive care, and 35 recuperating at home.

Cases by city:

  • Paso Robles — 77
  • Atascadero — 34
  • Arroyo Grande — 19
  • San Luis Obispo — 17
  • Nipomo — 16
  • CMC — 11
  • San Miguel — 8
  • Templeton — 7
  • Pismo Beach — 7
  • Morro Bay — 7
  • Other county cases — 11

As of Saturday afternoon, there have been 66,565 positive cases and 2,687 deaths in California.

Currently, more than 1,346,771 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 80,031 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 4,097,513 cases with 280,171 dead.

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Coronavirus confirmed cases by county (expanded):

LA County has: 10,105,518 legal residents.

confirmed cases: 31,197 or 0.309% of the population

confirmed death: 1,512 or 0.015% of the population

SB County has: 446,527 legal residents.

confirmed cases: 1,250 or 0.280% of the population

confirmed death: 11 or 0.002% of the population

Kern County has: 896,764 legal residents.

confirmed cases: 1,228 or 0.137% of the population

confirmed death: 15 or 0.002% of the population

Tulare County has: 465,861 legal residents.

confirmed cases: 1,079 or 0.232% of the population

confirmed death: 46 or 0.010% of the population

Fresno County has: 994,400 legal residents.

confirmed cases: 885 or 0.280% of the population

confirmed death: 9 or 0.002% of the population

Ventura Co. has: 850,967 legal residents.

confirmed cases: 652 or 0.077% of the population

confirmed death: 19 or 0.002% of the population

Monterey Co. has: 435,594 legal residents.

confirmed cases: 267 or 0.061% of the population

confirmed death: 6 or 0.001% of the population

Kings County has: 151,366 legal residents.

confirmed cases: 265 or 0.175% of the population

confirmed death: 1 or 0.001% of the population

SLO County has: 284,010 legal residents.

confirmed cases: 214 or 0.075% of the population

confirmed death: 1 or 0.001% of the population

San Benito Co. has: 61,537 legal residents.

confirmed cases: 55 or 0.089% of the population

confirmed death: 2 or 0.003% of the population

“When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!”

This is all true. How many do you think would be infected if we had allowed life to go on as normal? In my opinion, it’s a success. It’s so contagious that basically anyone who is near an infected individual will likely contract it as well.

SLO County is going to spike once Valley school lets out. So many houses in Pismo and Cayucos are vacation homes for people from the Valley. The Valley people are going to come here as they always do for the Summer.

Just curious, what percentage of the population contracting this would you consider a “spike” once Valley school lets out? 10% of the population contracted cases? 1% of population dead from it?

I’m not meaning to be cheeky, I am really curious what acceptable / unacceptable, safe / not safe numbers from various people would be.

At one point a certain buffoon told the U.S. we’d have fifteen case that would quickly drop to zero. Well here we are with 77K+ deaths and counting. When are his cult followers finally going to wake up and realize how inept and dangerous this pathological lying maniac is?

As opposed to the 2-3 million some of the “Experts” said?

Yes! Those experts said our death toll could be in the millions. In light of that grim forecast, they recommended strict measures to mitigate the mortality rate. Had this poor excuse for a leader followed the experts’ recommendations back in January, we could have flattened the curve sooner, saved more lives, and then opened our economy earlier. I suppose he’s okay with sacrificing thousands of lives in order to preserve his approval ratings.

If he followed the Left’s suggestions at the beginning he would not have stopped the flights from China…

News Flash, a week after his National Security briefing on the matter he shut down international travel, China then Europe. Yet the media and Democrats called this decision xenophobic and reckless. Even Biden said that and then later took it back.

Hey man, get off the hate train. We are all in this together.

Someone has done a nice job of keeping the number of dead hundreds of thousands below the estimates…I wonder who was in charge…that person deserves to not be referred to as a buffoon…

Well, your bubble people said the sky is falling, millions will die; the outside-your-bubble people said closer to zero.

Let’s see this on a number line:


So, who’s closer to Zero again? Oh, I’m sure something somewhere was not done perfectly, which will only fuel your inner demons. I think the US handled things in the beginning as well they could have, from DJT to Newsome to our own inept county officials. However, we’re no longer in the beginning, where we didn’t know squat; now we have numbers. Enough numbers to actually start making realistic predictions, not some population-control marxist’s wet dream of computer modelling that’s failed at every turn. I prefer to listen to the local doctors, who actually see patients and deal with this in person than some Woo-En “specialist” who may or may not have an agenda. It’s just how the cow chews the cabbage.

Stay home. If you go out, wear a mask. Do social distancing 6 feet minimum. Wash your hands, immediately, when you get home. Soap and water wash all surfaces you touched. Let the stuff you bought hang out in the garage for 3 days.