George Floyd killing sparks nationwide protests, including in SLO

May 29, 2020

The killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has sparked nationwide protests, including a small demonstration in San Luis Obispo and mass rioting and the burning of a police station in Minnesota.

About 20 protesters gathered in downtown San Luis Obispo Thursday evening. Chanting and holding signs, the protesters marched through downtown SLO as Cruise night was taking place.

The protesters appeared to be local residents. They remained peaceful throughout the demonstration.

Online comments posted by community members indicate some local residents sympathize with demonstrators protesting in the aftermath of Floyd’s death, while others argue the incident does not justify rioting and looting.

In Minneapolis, rioters have overtaken and burned numerous buildings, including the Minneapolis Police Department’s third precinct building. Rampant looting of businesses has occurred in the city amid the riots, which began Wednesday night.

Major protests have broken out in other cities around the country, with some leading to violence. Gunfire erupted at a protest Thursday night in Louisville over a separate police killing. A total of seven people were shot during the Louisville protest.

Elsewhere in California, on Wednesday evening, Black Lives Matter protesters stormed onto Highway 101 in Los Angeles and smashed the windows of two CHP cars.

On Thursday evening, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters. Protesters screamed chants like “fuck the police” and “black lives matter.” At one point, some protesters hurled objects at police cars outside the police headquarters.

Protesters screaming “fuck the police” outside LAPD headquarters

The protesters then marched through the streets of downtown Los Angeles until police blocked their path. A standoff between officers and protesters then ensued, culminating with demonstrators fleeing after police declared the protest an unlawful assembly and ordered the crowd to disperse.

Officers made at least one arrest, which can be seen in video footage of the protest.

On Friday, authorities in Minnesota announced the arrest of now-fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on charges of third-degree murder and manslaughter. A criminal complaint in the case states Chauvin held his knee to the neck of Floyd for eight minutes and 46 seconds. For two minutes and 53 seconds of that time span, Floyd had already passed out.

Equal Justice 13

And not all white america is against Black america,and vise versa, and not all cops are bad, the fact is “Assholes come in all colors, shapes and sizes”. And to this one persons comment on here, your only held back in life if you choose not to work hard and do the right thing. There are so many amazing intelligent sucessful black women and men on this earth, dont take that away from them. Yes, I know our countrys history and it sucked but thats not our country today, we have progressed, slowly but lets continue to change and grow, not live in past. Everyone on this earth always says to each other, stop living in the past, love pray forgive and move on. Well? Why arent we?

Equal Justice 13

And last trickle effect of george floyd and cops bad decision, is yall being mean to each other. Good luck with that. Lead by example, take the higher road instead of being a statitic of this craziness and remember get all the facts, dont rely on statistics, they arent facts theyre merely assumed, underestimated/exaggerated numbers..

Equal Justice 13

First off, the blame game, making this a race issue, the riots, looting destruction property, your communities and everyone attacking each other on social media and every other platform/ news outlet needs to stop! Its frigin sickening. Its police brutality. And What all of you and the rest of the world forgets is You, YOU need to take accountability for your own actions and choices you make in your life! How and where you end up in life at the end of the day falls on YOU! Only you have control of your own life. Unless your a little child or mentally insane, we all know right from wrong,we all know that if we commit a crime, theres only 3 ways its gonna end, back home, jail or a casket. So why commit crimes, and put yourselves, your family and others at risk for being mentally, physically or emotionally hurt, when yall know the outcome of your actions and poor decisions..George floyd walked out of his home fully aware of this, knowing he was gonna commit a crime and he knew the possible outcome/consequences from making his poor decision. So why are we only blaming a cop. Like my dad taught me at an early age, every action has a consequence, everything i do, say or otherwise will and can have an effect on another human beings life, that being said George floyds bad choices HE made that day, led another man to make a bad choice, which now is leading protesters fighting looting and making more bad decisions/choices. See the trickle effect when one makes a bad choice..everyones life is affected and their hurt.. Now this entire country is a huge cluster fuck of irrational thinking fd up assumptions, destructive, everyone now thinks they are judge jury n excutioner..aka J R Smith , who should be arrested too..he is no better than the cops at this point..can we get along and all get your head out of your ass and use common sense, your god given brain..and im not saying george deserved it, he absolutely didnt , those meatheads should go to prison and they def should have listened to that poor mans pleas n got him the help he so desperately needed..


These people made asses of themselves. Contined use of the f-word and flying birds in front of small children. Just terrible! They were desperate to start something. They failed. Reflected very well on those downtown to cruise and/or to tailgate.


Let me know when we’re going to loot the Apple store on Higuera Street, I could use some new s**t. I’d also like to loot Miner’s Hardware as there are some things I need there as well.


-11? CCN readers do not get satire well. Yes, I am headed to Miner’s today, for rebar, 2×4’s, stakes, bender board, things used by people who work. I will be paying with my debit card. 20′ sticks of rebar are hard to loot unless the employees are still there to help you load looted material.

kevin rise

Here we go, at the launch today, Trump diverts inherent systemic police brutality towards minorities into politics and makes things left vs right and white vs black. Commander in chief my a**, he keeps dividing us to create fear, to create control. And people blame the virus, no one to look up to for comfort, just discord. Typical crooked 1%.

Equal Justice 13



Still relevant. People are delivering the same message, a little differently, in retaliation of the same things happening. People either have something to say when it’s peaceful (taking a knee), or when it’s to extreme (anarchy). Most of the criticism, thoughts and opinions are of whites. Go figure. Two conflicting quotes come to mind. “We get the world we deserve” and “It ain’t about deserve.”


Did outside agitators started the Minneapolis rioting? Early in the video, notice the five white folks on the perimeter of the third precinct station protest, all partially dressed in black. One carrying a backpack and bedding gear. Black umbrella man, who is all dressed in black, with tear gas mask on, breaking the windows of an Autozone. A business located near the station, so it can later be trashed in a staged (?) looting and set on fire. Are we being set up to believe the local community is doing this?


Finally, something we can agree on mazin. While there may have been peaceful protests, there is evidence that the Soros funded Antifa groups got bussed in to spark “fires” around the protest to encourage looting by breaking windows to businesses. When is the left going to realize that Soros is the equivalent of Blofield in the James Bond books, the wealthy, powerful and evil mad man who wants to take over the world…for profit. I think it’s because he seems to push for hard-left issues that they seem to give him a pass. He also funds BLM, which is a shame, because at its core it could do so much good to give voice to the plight of the black man in urban America. Instead, it is now perceived as a domestic terrorist group.


All the conspiracy gack about Soros is wrong and the antifa people are fighting for justice. Antifa stands for anti fascist.

The agitators in Mn are far right crazies trying to incite a race war.


Meeting some Antifa in Portland, as they were preparing to face off Proud Boys, I did notice the similar dress “code”. I tried to link pics but failed. Think the Minnesota pink and black is linked to the black dressed rioters. You claim these organizations are Soros funded? How so? BLM a terrorist group? How so?


Apparently somewhere in the neighborhood of 86 percent of those arrested were local according to a news station, KARE 11. In fact, the mayor there walked backed comments about chaos being fomented by out-of-state white supremacists.


Yes they did They are driving stolen pickup trucks with no license plates loaded with rocks and bricks.


When are we going to rise up and insist the behavior of our “peace officers” change? That we won’t accept numerous transgressions to go unpunished, that our “leaders” immediately remove an officer who can’t himself uphold the law? Not admin leave – immediate effin firing. Let it be known less than model behavior will not be tolerated. And I know people are awful, the job is stressful, Blah, blah, blah. If you can’t do it – get out. If you can’t see a person as any thing other than black or white or control your anger – get out.

It’s time our city, state, nation stand up and not tolerate it any more. It’s shameful to protect them because they have a badge.