Gov. Newsom announces plans to loosen shelter rules on Friday

May 4, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom

Following dozens of protests throughout California, Gov. Gavin Newsom today announced plans to begin to reopen the economy on Friday.

Under modification that will be announced on Thursday, Newsom is scheduled to allow some manufacturing and retail stores to reopen. This includes clothing stores, toy stores, flower shops and sporting goods stores, utilizing curbside pickup.

Newsom also plans to allow county’s that have met benchmarks related to stabilizing hospitalizations, securing medical supplies, and having the ability to track and trace coronavirus infections, to move further into phase two. In those select counties, restaurants and hospitality businesses will be permitted to reopen with modifications.

Newson also removed his order closing beaches in Orange County. Following his beach closure order, multiple members of the public went to the closed beaches, while local law enforcement refused to enforce the order.

Several California counties also refused to follow Newsom’s order, relaxing their shelter at home rules last week.


I’ve noticed that Covid-19 makes it impossible for people to discern sarcasm and irony. Keep that in mind, please.

Folks, don’t get all self-centered! Don’t think about yourself, your family, your business (OMG so, so so selfish) or your freedom.

This pandemic is a time for real leadership. We all have our time: highschool football, startin’ time, quittin’ time, Miller time…..all those times are for us. We’ve got plenty of things like that.

But a pandemic is a time for leadership. It’s their time. Gavin Newsom is our leader. This is his time.

Let him lead! Let him order the economy about, decide what is open and when, determine how close we can stand to each other, how much cloth we need to breathe through, and so forth.

This isn’t your time to order your own life around. This is leadership’s time and they must be allowed to shine! Get out of the way and let him lead! He’s worked for this. He’s surrounded by experts. He literally spent millions of dollars to purchase this time for himself.

Be kind and understanding to your leader. Let him lead. Show support.


poor thing, your minions don’t understand your sarcasm. Well, best of luck.


Giving up our civil liberties is always a slow fade.