SLO County court records support Biden sexual assault allegations

May 8, 2020

Tara Reade in 1993

A San Luis Obispo County court record from 1996, which was obtained by the Tribune, provides additional support that Tara Reade told others that presidential candidate Joe Biden sexually assaulted her while she worked as a senate aide.

Reade says she informed Biden staff, family and friends in 1993 of the alleged assault in which Biden allegedly attacked her in a corridor, shoved his hand up her skirt and penetrated her with his fingers. Biden has denied the allegations.

In a court declaration contesting a restraining order Reade filed against her former husband Theodore Dronen, the estranged husband attempts to show that Biden’s alleged assault caused Reade emotional harm. Dronen writes that he met Reade while they were both working as Senate staffers.

“On several occasions petitioner related a problem that she was having at work regarding sexual harassment, in U.S. Senator Joe Biden’s office,” according to the 1996 declaration. “She eventually struck a deal with the chief of staff of the Senator’s office and left her position.”

Several individuals have also recently vouched for Reade, including her former next-door neighbor at a Morro Bay apartment complex who said Reade had tearfully recounted her story.

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Curious, which of her, and others, versions are collaborated? Your reporting is also false and should be corrected. The records do not say her husband said she sexually assaulted, they said harassed, something entirely different. Sadly many women find manners such as holding a door for them are sexual harassment. She did NOT inform Biden, etc, or any of the others including family and next door neighbor, that version of the story. Her original accusations written in an essay published by The Union, claimed “I … only sensed power moves and body language that I did not like. “I did not like Joe Biden’s hand on me not for the reasons you think, it is because I am the alpha in the room too. Again, I like to be the one who chooses who enters my space and in what way.” going on to say “this is not a story about sexual misconduct; it is a story about abuse of power. It is a story about when a member of Congress allows staff to threaten or belittle or bully on their behalf”. The couple of people who have “confirmed” her latest allegations, originally reported this version, their “recollections” changed as her story changed.

She herself said it is NOT a story of sexual misconduct. She worked for him for a total of 8 months She claimed he inappropriately touched her shoulder and “he did this often to me, others, he was demonstrative. I believe these gestures were not so much about “connection” but establishing dominance in the room”. Her accusations only came out after she became infatuated with Russia and Putin “in November 2018, when Reade trashed the United States as a country of “hypocrisy and imperialism” and “not a democracy at all but a corporate autocracy.” She referred to Putin as a “genius” with an athletic prowess that “is intoxicating to American women.” In March 2019 as she started making her allegations, Reade essentially dismissed the idea of Russian interference in the 2016 American presidential election as hype. She said she loved Russia and her Russian relatives — and “like most women across the world, I like President Putin … a lot, his shirt on or shirt off.” (see USA Today link for more examples of her differing stories). As a woman I don’t like believing she made this all up (or got paid off like Dr. Fauci’s accuser), but it doesn’t add up, Cal Coast News should be ashamed of half assed reporting like this that leaves out the facts.

The real problem is that Biden is senile.

Ok, and the guy who told us to inject bleach for the coronavirus, said there were “fine people” among a group of white supremacists and believed Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence, is what, perfectly within his faculties?

This is true. Senile or psychopath? Senile, for sure.

Come on, Y’all! #MeToo doesn’t count when you’re Joe Biden. Ask Nancy Pelosi!

Now we will see just how sincere that # was…..come on ladies…what was it?…what did it mean?….what was it all really about?….

if there was court documents filed show the complete case with response and judge ruling

The affidavit from her ex contained in the file is probably the only thing in the file referencing the sexual assault.

The ex-husband included the information as a defense strategy, “she isn’t thinking clearly your honor ( and therefore should not be believed) because she was traumatized by a sexual assault when she worked in the senate”.

The fact that he references it in a 1996 court document establishes that she was at least telling family members about it over 30 years ago. This is not a story fabricated in an election year. You can question her timing but probably not her honesty.

For all the talk about protecting women’s rights and the me too movement this could be the litmus test for Democratic political candidates. Send a message and dump Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe, more like Uncle Touch. Hopefully he sinks, Bernie should have been the front runner, his record is clean and as a civil rights activist and also a voice for the disadvantaged he’s done a ton of work. Joe’s record apparently is not clean and has lobbied for many rediculous things, companies and people in the past.

Sure, KAG 2020, baby!

Bernie had no choice, COVID spent all of the money he was going to give away. The Dems are broke and after they give the rest to the Illegals they may have to draw straws to pick their choice to run against Trump.

Joe won’t be the Nomine….they know He Can’t Beat El TRumpo.

Locker room talk.

Biden was never supposed to be the nominee. He’s just the anti-Bernie placeholder for the person that is the actual nominee.

He is not medically fit for office.

You know DocT?

I’m with you 1000%! If Joe is elected, [sarcasm strong], he will only be the puppet handled by his puppet masters. Many. Of course there is always the chance that he will “pass away” shortly after his coronation.

I can’t believe the Tribune is actually reporting this story. It must be the full moon!

Will the Local and Vocal supporters of the #MeToo Movement go after Biden like they did Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh? Or will the #MeToo movement sell out and thereby discrediting what it’s supporters have been sat for the last 4 years? Pass the Popcorn folks because Gropey Joe is get a taste of #JoeToo