SLO County restaurants can reopen their dining rooms

May 20, 2020

The state gave the green light on Wednesday for San Luis Obispo County restaurants to reopen their dining rooms and for retail stores to allow shoppers inside.

In order to open for indoor dining, restaurants need to follow statewide guidelines regarding social distancing, mask use, and tableware restrictions. Non-food-serving bars and wineries cannot open at this time.

Retail stores must also follow guideline to ensure social distancing between workers and customers. In addition, stores are required to limit occupancy to 50 percent.

At a press conference on Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom said many counties in California could move into phase 3 in weeks, not months. If the number of cases continues to decline or remain stable, hair and nail salons, barbershops, gyms and movie theaters could reopen for business in June.

Jorge Estrada

Yes, I ate out this morning. When asked about the COVID experience many years from now, I will tell my grandchildren and great-grandchildren that few died and no government employee missed a paycheck so be generous to your waitress-waiter.


…and no government employee missed a raise or thousand dollar bonus…


Great news…those scared can just stay home and the rest of us will get back to life. Prediction- the strong, whole and healthy will go out and the vulnerable will shelter… as it should have been all along.


How is wearing a mask while eating supposed to work?


Valley stay home.


Following statewide guidelines will not make for an enjoyable dining experience. I’ll wait until the mask charades come to an end.


If you disagree with it, don’t go. I for one am going to help support our local restaurants, waiters and waitresses who have lost a lot in the last few months.


That’s sweet and all, but are you familiar with the fact that most of these folks are making more not working than they were while working? They’re getting unemployment, plus a Vivid bonus of $600 a week, and a one time stimulus check.


You are assuming that “most of these folks” do not want to work but only collect money. That is insulting to “most” waiters, waitresses and others who want to return to work.


On top of that, these “bonuses” end at the end of July. Awfully short sighted to get paid that in the short term only to not have a job once the game of musical chairs starts with hiring and you may or may not get one. Kids these days..

Kaiser Bill

Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend and the influx of tourists from Kern, Fresno, and Tulare Counties where restaurants are still closed and Coronavirus cases are much higher.

Expect the number of Coronavirus cases in this county to peak in July as we deal with an influx of tourists and local workers in the same crowded areas (Pismo, Cayucos, Morro Bay). Don’t be surprised if restaurants have to shut down again for dining.


Completely agree and there may be violence as there was last weekend.


There could be a vehicle accident, there could be an earthquake, there could be a tsunami, there could be a hurricane, there could be a a forest fire, there could be a swarm of locusts. Then again, there could be none of those things! Take care of yourself and quit worrying about everyone else. They will be just fine.


So well put. I’m sure it is falling on deaf ears.

Many are now just emotionally invested. It’s a team sport. They’ll feel their “win” must be on one side only. Sad as that is.


The kitchen at my house is officially CLOSED until further notice.