SLO County sending law enforcement to LA as looting, violence escalates

May 30, 2020

San Luis Obispo County law enforcement agencies are sending 48 deputies and officers to Los Angeles after primarily peaceful protests on Saturday afternoon over the death of George Floyd, turned violent.

A man breaking the door open of a Whole Foods in Los Angeles. Dozens of looters then stormed the store.

On Saturday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti asked the National Guard and area law enforcement agencies to assist with the escalating violence and vandalism. While protestors held signs and chanted, rioters threw bottles at officers, broke windows, tagged buildings, looted stores and set fires, according to video footage by reporter Josh Friedman.

An Urban Outfitters after rioters broke out windows, looted the store, and set a manikin on fire.

In response to the plea for assistance, the SLO County Sheriff’s Department deployed 35 deputies, the Atascadero Police Department sent five officers, the Pismo Beach Police Department sent two officers, the Paso Robles Police Department sent three officers, and the Cal Poly Police Department sent two officers.

A man broke a window, snatched several pillows, and broke more windows. Others entered the store, looted, and then set mattresses on fire.

Garcetti also set an 8 p.m. curfew, which appeared to be largely ignored, according to video footage by Friedman.

A police line, shortly before a protestor threw a bottle at officers, who responded with tear gas.

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Francesca Bolognini, commonsenseguy, & y’all, imho from this distance, it is impossible to judge who is behind what. Antifa or boogaloo or ? Anybody can disguise themselves as the other. However, some riot tactics appear organized. We should be aware. Wiki summaries:

Antifa “Individuals involved in the movement tend to hold anti-capitalist and anti-government views, and subscribe to a range of left-wing ideologies. A majority of adherents are socialists, anarchists, and communists who describe themselves as revolutionaries … The movement is pan-leftist and non-hierarchical, and is united by opposition to right-wing extremism and white supremacy, as well as OPPOSITION TO a centralized STATE. Antifa activists reject anti-fascist conservatives as well as liberals. The movement eschews mainstream liberal democracy and electoral politics in favor of DIRECT ACTION. … Antifa is not an interconnected or unified organization, but rather a movement without a hierarchical leadership structure, comprising multiple autonomous groups and individuals. Activists typically ORGANIZE protests VIA SOCIAL MEDIA and through websites … peer-to-peer networks”

Boogaloo groups typically believe in accelerationism, and support any action that will speed impending civil war and eventually the collapse of society. … [per] Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI), groups belonging to the boogaloo movement organize on … ONLINE PLATFORMS … [per] Tech Transparency Project [TTP] … members … ‘exchang[e] detailed information and tactics on how to organize and execute a REVOLT AGAINST American AUTHORITIES.’ … Extremism researchers first took notice of the word “boogaloo” being used in … 2019, when they observed it being used among fringe groups including militias, gun rights movements, and white supremacist groups. … term … originated on … website 4chan, where it was often accompanied by references to ‘racewar’ and ‘dotr’ (day of the rope, a neo-Nazi reference to a fantasy involving murdering … ‘race traitors’). … NCRI found that the usage of the term ‘boogaloo’ increased by 50% on Facebook and Twitter in the last months of 2019 and into early 2020. … TTP also found that 60% of boogaloo Facebook groups had emerged following the pandemic lockdowns, during which time they amassed tens of thousands of members.

Our political leaders should start calling out these clusters (hesitate to call them organizations since that may further their ends). We should criticize any politician or pundit who tries to appeal to these elements. If they start appealing to or playing these groups that’s when it gets scary. COVID allows for anyone to assault an officer by coughing.

Chill Man!

What have you been reading and watching.

All your ‘one-liners’ have been rehashed for over a thousand years, which only serve to injure by spreading your ideas as fact when they are only rumors, imaginary titles, and innuendo commonly referred to as propaganda, and you have fallen for it.

Our society is not perfect, none are, but many try to make it better instead of inflaming.

Relax Man! We are all going through the difficult bumps of life without your comment adding to it. We will make it without your input.