Man slams on brakes, causes four car crash in Paso Robles

May 31, 2020

A 21-year-old man, who slammed on his brakes after spotting a California Highway Patrol officer in Paso Robles, caused a four car accident on Friday evening, according to the CHP.

Shortly before 8 p.m., Nicholas Mccollum of Citrus Heights was heading eastbound in the fast lane on Highway 46 at about 60 mph, when he began to drive through a stop sign. However, Mccollum spotted a CHP officer, who was westbound on Union Road, stopped at the intersection.

Mccollum then slammed on his brakes, causing a chain reaction from other motorists in the immediate area.

Directly behind Mccollum, Margarita Santiago, 47, of Paso Robles swerved partially into the slow lane to avoid hitting Mccollum, and crashed into Louis Carlos, 25, of San Luis Obispo.

Carlos’ Chevrolet truck spun out of control, and crashed into the CHP officer’s patrol car.

No one was injured in the crash. An investigation is ongoing.



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Maybe it is the fault of the city of Paso Robles for failing to put a safe merging lane for those who turn left onto westbound 46 from Union Road, let alone backing up traffic on Union because the lack of a safe merging lane for cars wanting to turn right into eastbound traffic. When eastbound traffic is clear, some cars turning left pull into the intersection and stop until westbound traffic is clear to merge DIRECTLY into the fast lane. When you drive 46E from the 101 out to Shandon look at all the merging lanes along Hwy 46 from other streets, wineries, the golf corse that have safe merging lanes after having to cross oncoming traffic. Easy fix. Wake up Paso Public works, but wait, a CHP was here so it must be their fault.

Highway 46 east doesn’t have stop signs, so there is no way for the 21 yr old driver to drive through one. There is one for the cop to drive through however.

Union road intersects Highway 46 twice, with stop signs.

Sounds like he feared the cop was going to pull in front of him-cops fault, or he was slightly speeding and being tail gated-the other driver’s fault.

Even with full brake locking in front of you you should be able to avoid a crash if you’re at a safe distance behind. Obviously she was not.

Great collision investigation MrYan! You should place your narrative on a CHP 555 form and submit it.

I see it all the time on the freeway. Paranoid driver sees CHP on the side of the road or in the opposite lane. Paranoid driver slams on their brakes.

It sounds to me like the police officer started through the stop sign, and then they reported this to the media as the guy panic stopping, when in fact he thought the cop was going to run the sign

Hmmm mkaney. Good point.

Well, if his slamming his breaks caused a chain-reaction crash, then those people behind him must have been planning to run the stop sign, too? I think BCP got it: he mistook something for a stop sign and panic-stopped where he shouldn’t have. That’s my guess.

The guy that slammed on his brakes did NOT cause the collision, the fools tailgating him did.

There is no stop sign in this portion of 46. I think the driver mistook the Union Rd stop sign as applying to 46 traffic and hit the brakes. For people that live in area, the reporting makes no sense.

Glad there were no injuries

Stop texting ……