Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham to donate 10 percent of his salary

June 25, 2020

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham

California Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo) announced this week he will start donating 10 percent of his monthly salary to Central Coast nonprofits.

In a news release, Cunningham stated he would do so in line with recommendations of the state Citizens Compensation Commission, as well as California’s new budget agreement that includes pay cuts for state workers.

“The governor is asking members of our community to do more with less, and legislators should have to do the same,” Cunningham said. “Central Coast nonprofits help make our community the best in the state — I am proud to help them support local residents in times of need.”

Cunningham will begin donating 10 percent of his salary in July to the San Luis Obispo Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation (SLO LEAF), and he will make the contribution in the names of SLO County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Dreyfus and Arroyo Grande Police Sergeant Michael Smiley, the two local officers shot during the recent Paso Robles manhunt.

In 2019, Cunningham received a base salary of $110,458, or approximately $9,200 a month, according to Transparent California.

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Anyone know if City of SLO employees, especially those in the mid to high six figures, are taking a pay curt?

I know State employees are as are a few local cities.

Why announce it? You all know why. If he wanted to donate some of his salary good for him but announcing you’re doing it is just political pandering. It’s a lot like somebody who donates, let’s say at Clock somewhere near the County courthouse and then makes sure that the plaque is emblazoned with their name on it. That’s not really a gift. And this really isn’t a donation.

Mr Cunningham for sure is a pleasant person . Unfortunatly for him he is not a leader.10% of his salary is the same amount i give every year to charities.This 10% is tax payers money.So still , thank you, but it is time to let go because you know that you have no influence, zero in Cal politic

This is refreshing to see a politician do the job and give back from his paycheck, a tithe for the public benefit. This is a great example to follow, especially if choosing to do so has no affect on your livelihood.

I heard Assemblyman Cunningham speak via a Zoom meeting and was very impressed by his openness and lack of ego. I can’t say that about too many political leaders. He is on the right track fighting human trafficking, making it easier in these difficult times to get graduating college seniors their teaching credentials, and other common sense ideas. These aren’t making headlines but they are doing a lot of good. I hope he is re-elected in November. We need representatives, not grandstanders.

Yes, also listen and saw Mr Cunningham on the Zoom meeting; if i may give him a advice ; Become a Democrat and you may have a chance to shine.Being in the Trump team will lead you not father.

He’s not doing shit about human trafficking. How many of the “foot massage” places do you think are legit?. How many have been busted for trafficking in the area. Zero. He’s a poser.

Jordan comes from good stock. His parents and the rest of the family are some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. I know he’s led by the Christian values of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless you and your entire family Mr. Cunningham. I second it, Jordan Cunningham for Governor.

Did you know the KKK are Christian? Why drag religious context into anything in a modern scientific world? That’s like saying a child rapist is ok because hes a Christian, Buddhist or whatever. And Jesus was Jewish, so what are you even trying to say?

ok my last one; We do not need Christian values . We need Compassion, tolerance,and ability to exchange arguments without hate.

Bingo!!! You just describe just a few of the statutes of Jesus Christ. With all do respect, your wrong. We do need to get back to the Christian values this once great nation was founded on. We need to return to good morals, the value of all lives, integrity, character, individual responsibility and accountability, honesty and truth. Those are ALL Christian values that Jesus always speaks to. Open a bible and read it.

Oh great. More money for cops, but forget about the 1500 homeless children in slo county, without a home, that political jockey. Slo cops make 85grand starting, they have used military equipment, what the heck do they need cash for. Jordan is a political hog like Harmon. Feeding from the same trough of crap. Brown noses.

Respectfully disagree. We need good cops and they should be paid a decent salary—especially in a place where it is ultra expensive to buy a house—although they should also have some secondary education, such as an AA degree in criminal law—they should also go through a far more rigorous training regimen than is currently required.

And, by the way, the number I saw for starting pay was 62K which seems right to me.

As for Cunningham, he is the type of leader we need and hopefully he will run for State Senate next. He may be a Republican who can actually break through the Dem barrier for a statewide office such as Sec. of State, Controller, Treasurer, etc.

I see Jordan as a Jack O’Connell type, popular on both sides of the aisle and a man of his word.

could not resist. Please do not insult Jack O’Connell.

So, what exactly are your problems with Cunningham?—I have many: on oil spills, collective bargaining and rent control, but I still see him as a Republican who can be worked with, especially because of his vote in 2017 to extend cap and trade.

I understand (I farmed the CC for many years and see the differences) that environmental degradation and climate change are the most pressing problems we now face, so any Republican who is not in the pocket of big energy should be worked with, in my opinion.

The other issues can be worked out eventually, but, as many who have read my posts here know, the warming of the planet and its extreme long term consequence is, above all (even above Biden-Trump, coronavirus, police brutality) the most important issue to be dealt with.

As for O’Connell. I never said Cunningham was equal to Jack—not many are—but I did say that both had garnered respect from both sides of the political spectrum.

I agree. O’Connell was great at doing that to himself.

Well, they spent $250k on the protests that could have gone to the homeless children.

btw, 1500 homeless children? Where did you pull that number from?

Oh yeah, I know.

Cal Poly. And did you really know?

Jordan is a good man and the only Republican I’ve voted for in several years. Hopefully, more Republicans like him will rise out of the dust that will be kicked up in November when many of the Republicans on the federal level are thrown out on their ears. We need a Republican Party that will recognize we need infrastructure, universal health care and a plan to mitigate the effects of climate change before all of those problems get any worse. Simply put, we need a functioning two-party system and more leaders like Jordan.

One thing, if he ever voted for UHC I would not be voting for him again.

I wonder what your objections are to UHC. Trump, who you apparently support, has said he would cover everyone “with great health care,” but, of course, has not given any details for such a plan.

Currently, 44 million Americans don’t have health insurance, up 10% since Trump took office—the first time in history that the nation went backward on that number. In a country which has a GDP (gross domestic product) of $20.5 trillion, why can’t we afford to cover everyone?

Germany only has a GDP of $4 trillion, yet everyone in that country has access to health care. France has a GDP of less than $3 trillion, yet they cover every Frenchman with health insurance. Canada has a GDP of $1.7 trillion and yet they cover every Canadian with health insurance—I have a second home in Sun Lakes, AZ and many of my neighbors go back to Canada for their doctor visits.

What exactly is it that makes you not want to support UHC?

Mr mercut.

I see that you are taking the highroad

But the need for news infrastructur,climate change, heath care,etc are already adressed by the democrat:so why are you not voting blue?

When you walk on the line nothing happen,i do not believe on compromise on the issues you are mentioning.i believe in science,compassion and planning.


“will make the contribution in the names of SLO County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Dreyfus and Arroyo Grande Police Sergeant Michael Smiley, the two local officers shot during the recent Paso Robles manhunt.”

An incident Governor Newsom has yet to acknowledge.

Cunningham for governor!

Great, i agree with the contribution. But do not forget the roofers, truck drivers, electricians who die everyday in line of duty.Being a cop is not easy and i agree they need some support. However, their training needs to be reviewed; very often a litle negociation skills will be more helpfull than 3 shots.I am not blaming them, only the people in charge. Sheriff Parkinson did review the procedures at the country jail, now it is your turn ms and Mr Police chiefs.

Different training, having more social workers who can deal with mental health issues will change the police interventions and better their public view. Only a Democrat can do that, and i do believe that Don Addis election is the way to go. Mr Cunningham, thank you for your services.