Atascadero Police Chief Jerel Haley retiring

June 26, 2020

Chief Jerel Haley


After 29 years in law enforcement, Atascadero Chief of Police Jerel Haley announced on Friday that he plans to retire in October. Haley has served as Atascadero’s police chief for nine years.

“Chief Haley has truly been a major asset to the community and our entire team here at the City,” said Mayor Heather Moreno, “We have been blessed to have had such a professional and an incredible leader of our Police Department and he will be sincerely missed.”

His resignation will be effective on Oct. 16.

Prior to his appointment in Atascadero, Haley worked for both the Santa Cruz and Santa Maria police departments. In Santa Maria, Haley held the rank of lieutenant and was responsible for supervision of the investigations division and the SWAT Team.

“I made the decision a little over eight months ago to retire and start a new career in Maui,” Haley said. “I am excited about what possibilities the future holds for my family and me. Oh, and I can’t wait to spend a little more time with my grandchildren!”

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The very large majority of we people greatly appreciate the likes of Chief Haley and best luck to his replacement, in a time where media haunts those in uniform.

Police Chief Haley, thank you for your open door policy. Best wishes have a good life.

Thank you Jerel for all that you have given to both the cities of Santa Maria and Atascadero. You will be missed. Good luck!

Along with the all the press coverage on police using excessive force – could maybe, just maybe

another reason for retiring now is some of the changes being made to the CalPERS retirement


I’m not knocking him for taking advantage of all the tricks in place to boost his retirement pay (I’d probably do the same); just saying that there may be other reasons to leave the Central Coast and go to Maui.

If I was a Police Officer, I’d retire too! Have to take all that nasty abuse from the public, but also be expected to die to save them? No thanks.

I wouldn’t stick around either! Nobody in their right mind would WANT to be in law enforcement these days. I think they should all quit. Within a week all the cop-haters would be crying for them to come back at TWICE the salary.

He’s a very good man above everything else. He led with integrity, character and honor. He has had a great career and has been a tremendous Chief of Police for the city of Atascadero. I heard a few weeks ago that he was retiring by the end of the year. Atascadero will be hard pressed to find a chief that can meet the standards he has established leading his department. I hope they will ask his help in searching for a new chief that mirrors the morals, the leadership, and the compassion to serve. It perfectly fit the citizens of Atascadero. All the best to you and your family Jerel. Enjoy each day with them.

Thank you Chief Haley for all that you have done for our community.I think everyone needs to thank these heros!