Coronavirus outbreak at SLO assisted living facility

June 17, 2020

San Luis Obispo County health officials announced Tuesday information about a coronavirus outbreak at Vista Rosa Assisted Living in the city of SLO, where a total of seven individuals have contracted the virus.

On Monday, the assisted living facility located at 467 Hill Street reported a staff member and a resident tested positive for the virus. County health officials then tested more than 40 individuals with ties to the facility, including all residents and staff. Test results came back positive for four staff members and three residents.

Among the seven individuals who tested positive for the virus, one of the patients is hospitalized but in stable condition. The other six individuals who contracted the virus are in stable condition at their homes.

Health officials are now working with Vista Rosa to isolate or quarantine those who tested positive or may have been exposed to the virus.

“We know Covid-19 is especially dangerous at these types of facilities, as those who live there are typically at high risk of serious Covid-19 illness and fatalities. We are focused on preventing a larger outbreak,” County Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein said. “Those who are ill are recovering in isolation from others.”

In Santa Maria, health officials are grappling with a larger coronavirus outbreak at a nursing home. Thus far, 25 residents and 14 staffers at Country Oaks Care Center have tested positive. Additionally, there have been five deaths related to the outbreak at the Santa Maria nursing home.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there have been 356 confirmed coronavirus cases in SLO County. Thus far, 295 patients have recovered and 56 are currently recovering at home. Four coronavirus patients in SLO County are currently hospitalized, two of whom are in the intensive care unit.

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Many blue states had bad plans regarding nursing and retirement homes and the covid virus…they all ignored federal guidelines on that very issue…the senate wants to call these governors to DC to testify….including Newsome….it seems they all used the exact same wording that sent infected folks to be housed with the elderly…showing possible coordination….I won’t go any further but something is is not adding up…

Don’t forget the part that nobody talks about, the redistribution of wealth in this lucrative business and the handoffs that follow. The COVID issue is almost a lubrication for this machinery, oops, don’t even go their.

No one should ever die in a nursing home. They’re supposed to be places of safety….not the end of the line.

Again, no one, for any reason should die in a nursing home. Prior to Covid, I’ll wager the number of colds and flu deaths in nursing homes was significant. But now with Covid….they’re much lower. That sounds confusing. Perhaps we should be forced to wear masks in order to show solidarity for those in nursing homes?

Time for statistics! Despite the 4 month long global pandemic, 99.998% of the population survives. That’s a good stat to the 3rd decimal place.

But alas a far fewer number of businesses survive. I don’t have an exact statistic on that, but rest assured, it’s much lower than 99.998%.

So quite awhile ago it was known that care facilities were high risk so how did this get going here? Didn’t you check all patients and staff awhile back and if the patients couldn’t have visitors then the staff must of brought it in were they checked daily? This is not acceptable

Nursing homes have been a huge beast not dealt with, or poorly dealt with during this crisis. Nearly half to two thirds of the deaths have been related to nursing homes, depending on the state. NY and CA also had idiotic regulations that sent positive ppl back into these homes at the beginning of this making things even worse. Also watch how some states will fudge their numbers on nursing home deaths. Some are not counting patients that GOT Covid in the nursing home, yet DIED in a hospital as a nursing home stat.

Not surprising for a nation that hasn’t implemented any comprehensive response to a deadly virus—such as widespread testing and tracing, as has been done in S. Korea, Japan, New Zealand and a myriad of other countries who have responded responsibly to a public health crisis and whose cases are now close to zero.

President Trump said the other day that if we didn’t test, then there would not be any cases, so maybe that’s the response. Stick your head in the sand and pretend this is just the flu or a bad cold and that these people would die anyway. Life goes on, at least for some of us.