Deputies asking for video surveillance taken during Paso Robles manhunt

June 16, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in collecting video footage from homes and businesses in Paso Robles taken during the two day active shooter event.

SLO County Sheriff’s detectives are leading the investigation into last week’s officer-involved shooting. The FBI and SLO County District Attorney’s Office are assisting in the investigation.

Over the span of a day and a half, Mason James Lira, 26, shot and killed a Paso Robles man; shot a SLO County Sheriff’s deputy, an Arroyo Grande police officer, a California Highway Patrol officer and a Kings County sheriff’s deputy. The officers are all expected to recover.

Detectives are requesting any surveillance footage from the downtown Paso Robles area as well as businesses surrounding the intersection of Highway 46 and Ramada Drive, from anytime during the night of June 9 through the afternoon of June 11. Possible sources of video may be home surveillance cameras or doorbell type cameras.

Investigators are asking anyone with video footage from the dates and locations indicated to please contact the sheriff’s detective division at (805) 781-4500. In addition, investigators are asking anyone who witnessed anything related to the incident, and has not yet spoken to detectives, to also call the sheriff’s detective division.

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You news people sure show disrespect to the family of the man killed. James watson. Dobyou know why he is homeless? I know why he has suffered few years of hell. The place he was living told him repairs on his place had to be made. Then a year later said naw yo cant come back. After making him pay for motel him self for a good part. An assisted living type place in paso. A man who loved people. Had his med taken regularly and beat up time and again. Even having his skull smashed in few months back by people he was to scared to tell me. That man was a great man living in hell cause a city failed him. They seem to fail at far to many things. Had a cop not got shot. That man could have got away and killed many more. I pray this failure dont happen again. Thanks to all the people who do care and have helped. God bless you