Missing Paso Robles man’s body found in Riverside

June 26, 2020

Trevon Perry


Paso Robles police believe they have found the remains of a missing Paso Robles man who testified for prosecutors at a murder suspect’s preliminary hearing prior to his disappearance on March 15. Investigators are awaiting final DNA results, but are confident the body is Trevon Perry.

Perry testified in December against Kejuan Guy Bynum, the man suspected of murdering 23-year-old Cristopher Vento Wilson. At the end of the preliminary hearing, Superior Court Judge Craig Van Rooyen ruled there was sufficient evidence for Bynum to be tried for Wilson’s murder. But before a trial date was set, Perry was reported missing.

At a Friday afternoon press conference, Chief Ty Lewis said an intensive investigation led them to search a home in Riverside, where they found Perry’s body on June 18. The department is investigating the case as a homicide.

Perry and Wilson were childhood friends. On June 1, 2019, they were at a home on Escondido Way in Shandon. A fight broke out between Wilson and Bynum, who were both drinking at the time. The fight moved outside where Bynum is alleged to have stabbed Wilson. Wilson later died from his injuries.

On March 16, Perry’s family reported he was missing after he left with an acquaintance to attend a gathering in the area of Jardine Road in Paso Robles. He never returned, according to a family member who has asked to remain unnamed for fear of retaliation.

Several weeks after Perry went missing, on April 4, another close friend of his and Wilson’s went to talk to an acquaintance about Perry’s disappearance, according to Perry’s relative. While the acquaintance did not show, a drive-by shooter shot Perry’s friend in the shoulder as he was walking near the corner of 2nd and Vine streets, in front of Perry’s home.

Officers are not releasing further information about Perry at this time because they do not want to compromise the investigation.

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This is the Paso I remember from the 80’s. No high-end restaurants, hotels and wineries. Nasty little town; white, black, and Mexican unrepentant criminals, equal opportunity though, not the white privilege that Paso now panders to while ignoring the ugliness that still exists.

If I remember correctly Bynum’s family was involved in the illegal drug sales/use going back to the 1980s on capital hill in Paso Robles . So family traditions were handed down thru the generations because this stabbing was a drug deal gone bad involving central valley gang and SLO county gang

You may of taken his life, but you will never take that light.

I commend our LEOs for getting this far with so little to go on. As well as keeping a tight lip on details. Cristopher, COVID, Trevon, The shooter, the fire…come on Paso and Shandon, we are stronger, hold up, karma will come. For the person who was shot in Paso seeking answers, stay safe, two angels on your shoulders now. You all want to keep talking about gangs and people of color….F*** that! They were human beings with families and loved by many. ‘Sacrifice’??? No it is integrity and having morals to do the right thing for his best friend. I for one love knowing the mug shot taken, not saying his name, he does not deserve it, shows he was getting his tucas kicked and decided to not fight fair. You all that know what happened, and did nothing, deserve what comes. I do not have any pity for you.

Stop assuming people. Trevon and Cristophers mothers are white….Tre’s dad is African American and Cristophers dad Hispanic enough of this race or that race they are human beings….their parents didnt see color…..neither should you

Thanks guys, for piping up about this. It was looking like no one was going to acknowledge his sacrifice. Obviously the powers that be didn’t value him enough to protect him. Such gangland executions are nothing new and they should have known exactly how much danger he would have been in.

Neither Trevon or Cristopher were involved in gangs.

The drug dealing POS that killed him certainly were. LE should have had his back for helping them.. I find his death very disturbing. It is that much harder to get anyone to come forward when they know they will die for it. This is how the cartels in Mexico run that country.

Interesting how so many of the relentless commentators, who are so quick to put down the entire race of anyone who is caught in criminal activity while not being white, fall completely silent when the story is of young men of color who risked their lives to uphold the law and this one who died for it. You would think those same brave commentators, so eager to share their “opinions”, would be all over what a hero he was and how much we owe people who are willing to put themselves at risk for our civil safety, given how much they supposedly worship LEOs and “law and order” and going after criminals and how our cops are so great because they face danger blah, blah, blah and yet this young man gave his life and ……………….. crickets …………………

None of ya’ll make a peep. Pretty much tells the whole tale of who we are dealing with on this comments section.

I feel deeply for the family and friends of Mr. Perry and hope those who did these despicable crimes are caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law. You raised a very brave man. Your loss is our loss.

I’ll gladly reply. I have three nephews who are half black. It sickens me to say “half black”, because we have never looked at them anything but a human beings and a loving members of our family. And yes, unfortunately they have all dealt with racism over the years. I know this for fact, and they all do as well, that the racism did not come from the white side. The racism and words of hate they had to face from the black and Hispanic sides has been sickening. The point being, racism isn’t limited to a single ethnic group as many want to put forward. I know how the it has effected my nephews. I know I’m not being “woke” or “politically correct”, for calling out black and Hispanic racism, but truth is truth. I’ll always speak to the facts of truth, rather it fits the narrative or not.


I feel you…I dont look at my multiracial family members or friends and say, think, or introduce them as this is my half black cousin, etc. When that happens the person saying it is part of the divide and problem.

Always speak the truth, because its keeping your integrity, keeping your morals, and keeps people knowing they can believe in what you speak.

My child married someone of mixed heritage. Their children have light hair and blue eyes. The racism they’re experiencing is from the other side of the family, not ours.

Racists come in all colors, not just white.

What a sad end to a tragic story. My prays are with his family and friends. A young life taken so soon. This again reminds of the sad place we are right now in our society where there is such a low value on a human life. It is sad but true, that since we redefined what life is. the value of that gift is diminishing more and more. Sad, very sad. It grieves my heart.

“…since we redefined what life is. the value of that gift is diminishing more and more…”

Particularly for babies in the womb!

Careful sir. Comments like that can get you banned from the new society for life. Maybe even someday sent to reeducation detention until you rightthink.

With multiple gangs involved no one should have known what Mr.Perry would testify to at trial. Whoever allowed him to testify at the prelim was signing Perry’s death certificate

Better to lie and say he knew nothing of Wilson’s murder?

This is such sad news. My heart goes out to Mr. Perry’s family.