No charges for driver who plowed through protesters in Ventura, video

June 26, 2020


Ventura County prosecutors announced Friday they will not prosecute a man who slowly plowed through a group of Black Lives Matter protesters who where blocking the street, injuring at least one protester, according to the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office.

On June 7, a group of people gathered at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and Telephone Road in the city of Ventura for a planned protest. Multiple protesters than moved onto Victoria Avenue to block traffic.

The motorist motioned with this hand for the protesters to move away, but they surrounded his vehicle and began yelling and pounding on his truck, according to prosecutors.

“As protesters pounded on his vehicle, the motorist and his passenger, who was pregnant, believed that the passenger compartment would be breached and they would be physically harmed,” according to prosecutors. “At that point, the motorist acted in reasonable fear for his and his passengers’ physical safety and proceeded forward.”

As the motorist drove forward, a man in front of the truck was knocked to the ground. Another protester was struck in the foot, breaking her ankle, as she attempted to get out of the way.

“Video footage of the incident revealed the motorist was lawfully operating his pick-up on the roadway when he encountered protesters in the roadway, who were in violation of the California Vehicle Code,” according to prosecutors. “Based on these facts, there is insufficient evidence to establish that the collision was the result of an intentional assault.”


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Protesting is a great American privilege! However, it no longer constitutes a protest when it harms another individual. Blocking traffic, burning buildings, damaging property is not protesting. I think the driver should sue for damages, both emotional and physical.


They should be given a medal for standing up to those thugs. That mob has absolutely no right to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens. I hoped this inspires more people to do the same.

A SMART decision . These “protesters “ are usually a young group of kids just using a “cause” to make noise , break up a boring COVID quarantine day. These are not the souls who would have made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for the Union, defeating the Nazis , or standing up to the Soviet totalitarianism . A little scratch , a broken ankle obtained scaring a man and his pregnant wife ? Just no words for these type of imbecile behavior . I’d go as far as saying it demeans the real cause of seeing racial reconciliation.

The hell you just say? Bringing the Nazis, the Union, the Soviets into this? You are on some good sh*t. I agree with the prosecutors here but your comparison makes you look like a fool.

LOL! , wow, Bert, talk about total lack of self-awareness.

So when the protesters got on hwy 101 here in SLO why didn’t they have a buses waiting at the next off ramp and haul them to jail and bust them for the vehicle code for blocking the hwy and impeding commerce.

OMG, for once in a very long time….. actually thinking about the law and the rights of the individual driving his vehicle. Doesn’t happen often.

Because then you would complain about the jails being filled with non violent people and having to pay for them with tax dollars.

Good. Self defense.