San Luis Obispo County schools hold drive-through graduations

June 5, 2020

Templeton High Graduation

Schools across San Luis Obispo County are holding drive-through graduations, as normal ceremonies are not taking place because of coronavirus restrictions.

In the drive-through festivities, families park vehicles within viewing and honking distance of the students who walk up to a stage and collect their diplomas. Students and family also view and listen from their vehicles as speeches are delivered.

Templeton High School held its graduation on Thursday. The ceremony took place on the school’s baseball field.

Though the Templeton High graduation was a drive-through ceremony, students and administrators were still photographed hugging and touching one another. The event also consisted of other festivities, including flyovers, as well as live broadcasting.

“Such a great day — students walking the stage, everyone in one place, student speeches, two flyovers, YouTube Live, LED Screen, Radio Broadcast, diplomas — and they did it together,” Templeton High School stated in a Facebook post.

Morro Bay High likewise held a drive-through graduation on Thursday. But, the school also has a formal graduation ceremony temporarily scheduled to take place inside its football stadium on Aug. 7.

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Can someone explain why graduating seniors are deprived of a traditional ceremony and restaurants have severe seating restrictions while thousands of protesters are permitted to stand shoulder to shoulder for hours on end?