JC Penney closing its store in Paso Robles

June 5, 2020

Currently bankrupt, on Thursday JC Penney announced plans to close more than 150 stores, including its store in Paso Robles.

As a nonessential retail store, JC Penney was forced to close its store because of the pandemic. On May 15, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company is hoping to emerge as a smaller department store chain.

“While closing stores is always an extremely difficult decision, our store optimization strategy is vital to ensuring we emerge from both Chapter 11 and the COVID-19 pandemic as a stronger retailer with greater financial flexibility to allow us to continue serving our loyal customers for decades to come,” said Chief Executive Jill Soltau.

The closing sales are expected to last anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks.

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Personally I’ll miss Paso Penny’s. IMO they actually sold decent quality clothes, not like the ultra cheap crap WalMart sells next door. I get it. Times have changed. So many people buy their clothes online now days. I’m Old School. I like to physically look and feel clothes before buying. Oh well.

JC Penny should have held training classes showing older generations how to order online with JC Penny along with Penny’s credit card offers and possibly handed out 69.00 tablets for free and free WiFi internet in the cities .Most of the older gens is who shopped there ….buttt they didn’t so now its too late

Too bad. I am of the age that remembers Sears and .Monkey’ Wards and Mervyn’s and Gottshalks and probably many others. Ta da. Life goes on.

Haha I like that autocorrect error.. Montgomery(sp?) => Monkey Wards.

Good buyyyyyy, Good byyyyy, Good byeeeee. (Sound of Music)