Sheriff and DA employees accused of destroying BLM sign

June 21, 2020

Darrin Stone cutting a BLM sign

Deputies cited employees of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office over the weekend for allegedly vandalizing a Black Lives Matter sign in Thousand Oaks.

For three weeks, a large tarp with the letters BLM hung on a fence on Westlake Boulevard. After the sign was vandalized multiple times, the owner set up a surveillance camera nearby.

The property owner then posted photos on social media of multiple men vandalizing the sign.
Ventura County deputies recognized sheriff department employee Darrin Stone cutting the sign on two separate occasions.
On June 13, Stone used a knife to cut down the tarp. On June 19, he returned and slashed at the sign with his knife, according to photos.

Deputies cited Stone for misdemeanor vandalism. He is now on paid administrative leave from his job supervising inmates at a pre-trial detention facility in Ventura.

Investigators also discovered Ventura County District Attorney investigative assistant Craig Anderson cutting the sign down. Anderson then attempted to take the sign, but noticed the camera and dropped the tarp.

Deputies also cited Anderson for vandalism. He resigned over the weekend.

Deputies cited a third vandal, Jeffrey Moore, who sprayed paint on the sign. Moore was located because of information on the work truck he used during the vandalism.

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These people should be ashamed. I have put up signs for things that I believe in and have had them torn down, vandalized, and stolen. Don’t destroy things, build ideas. Let’s freely speak, try to understand, and strain to tolerate. I understand the sentiment of the Black Lives Matter movement, but also see the Marxist agenda at work in it.

I’m going to take a wild guess that 99% of the people complaining about the “BLM” signs or the movement are WHITE.

Same individuals that don’t believe Covid-19 exists, and it’s all a hoax to make Pres.Trump look bad.

Not true. There are many people, regardless of race, who are concerned about the BLM movement. That just seems like a very racist statement. Becoming a racist while protesting racism doesn’t seem very productive. Also, I don’t see the connection to COVID-19.