SLO County deputy remains in critical care

June 13, 2020

Deputy Nicholas Dreyfus

The San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s deputy, who was shot in the face by a gunman on Wednesday, remains in critical care, according to deputy Nicholas Dreyfus’ wife Tyler Dreyfus.

Following an ambush at the Paso Robles police department, Dreyfus and another deputy went to assist in the manhunt. While the two deputies searched the downtown area, the gunman shot Dreyfus in the face.

Dreyfus was then flown to a trauma center out of the area where he underwent surgery for his injuries.

Tyler Dreyfus provided the following statement on Friday:

“Currently Nick remains in critical care but is stable. He has undergone several procedures and continues to be evaluated on a daily basis. Doctors have provided very positive feedback regarding his current condition and prognosis and remain optimistic for a positive outcome. Nick is surrounded by family and fellow Deputies and his spirits are high! On behalf of Nick and his family, we want to thank all of those whom have reached out and shown concern and compassion. All of your support is appreciated and welcomed. Thank you.”

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I pray for a speedy recovery….Support the police…because you may need one some day….democrat desires to defund and eliminate the police is crazy….you don’t get a pass on crazy just because you don’t like the president…..crazy is what crazy says….

It was originally reported on news and scanner that Paso deputy was shot by arriving backup officer . During final standoff on scanner after law enforcement first round of shots …they stopped because they suffered crossfire .You have 36 hours of massive amounts of law enforcement hunting a mentally retarded crazy guy who has no firearm experience .The only shooting experience suspect had was maybe playing Xbox Duck Hunt .I seriously doubt suspect could shoot a garbage can at 30 feet .I do believe homeless community helped suspect by dressing and walking/running around area to throw off law enforcement. Suspect was communicating with relatives in Spanish on live media during whole situation . The entire manhunt seriously showed how dysfunctional/ lack of training etc law enforcement has in the area .Guns suspect used were allegedly stolen during a commercial robbery in SLO …

We pray for him and the other officer’s shot along with their families. May Gods healing, peace, and comfort be upon all of you. Thank you for always being there in our time of need.

May you have a speedy and full recovery!

De-fund the police and use that money to enable the criminal mentally ill on their terms. Heidi’s done it in San Luis!

A long time ago I had a co-worker cut the end of my finger off by not following proper procedures .The article states Dreyfus is surrounded by fellow deputies ….I hope the officer who shot him isn’t one of his surroundees.I wasn’t real happy with co-worker who cut my finger tip off

Deputy Dreyfus was the first officer to be hit by the perpetrator, right after the attack on the Paso police station.

IDBOUND, what the hell are you talking about? Lira, the ‘gunman’, shot Deputy Dreyfus. NOT another Deputy…

IDB , this is inappropriate and I hope only reflects a poor attempt at humor.

The prayers and support of our entire community go with you dear Dreyfus family . You are our finest . May God bring you returned health and peace . Thank you, from a grateful supporter of our peace officers .