Angry tirade at Paso Robles grocery store over face mask rules, video

July 16, 2020

Customers at a Smart and Final in Paso Robles witnesses an ugly confrontation earlier this month when a man refused to wear a mask, and an employee insisted.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a statewide order on June 18 that requires all Californians to wear face coverings in public places, such as grocery stores. Smart and Final then posted signs requiring their customers to wear masks while shopping in their stores.

The man entered the store without a mask, prompting a store clerk to give him a mask to wear, but he stuck it in his pocket. After arguing with the clerk, the man put the mask on for a few seconds before taking it off.

In the end, a Paso Robles police officer escorted the man from the store.

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All grocery stores are private property. It is a privilege, not a right to be allowed inside. It this fellow so adamantly objects to wearing a mask then he should either get someone else to do his shopping for him, have his food delivered, or grow his own food. This is not a political choice it is a legal public health directive that affects everyone. He is not impressing anyone by his defiance to wear a mask he’s just making himself look stupid.

I see some hope after reading the latest comments on the covid.More people understand the absolute nessecity of wearing a mask.This is not a blue or red issue, this is a infectious disease and we need to stop it. You are wearing a safety belt in your car, you do not pass a school bus flashing red, you pay your taxes, etc, they are rules and obligations to accept, if you want to be a honest citizen. For the others, the one who do not respect the rules there is law and justice.So my brothers and sisters do the right thing, wear a mask.

anybody know how many negative tests there has been in CA? last I checked (last week) the count was at TWO MILLION.

That means nothing. Perhaps you should become familiar with the fallacy of big numbers

then why count at all?

oh ya, if that guy offends you all so much get ready for the 18,000 prisoners soon to be released. good thing there’s more room in the jails for people that don’t and or can’t wear masks and people singing in church!

what about Americans with disabilities?

Has anyone considered: someone could be on medication that makes it extremely unsafe for them to breath their own carbon dioxide? Maybe it’s because they ‘CAN’T BREATHE!’ (isn’t that the mantra?) How about children with developing lungs breathing in so much carbon dioxide? I also think it’s strange that suddenly people with disabilities are no longer protected by the ADA. Not only are these people discriminated against by the stores but they are bullied by shoppers and clerks. I have witnessed more unstable behavior from the masked marvels that think it’s, what, sanitary, safe, smart, to wear a mask directly on their nose and mouth day in and day out than the other way around.

CDC recommends no masks for children under 2 years old. People who cannot wear a mask have lots of alternatives to going into stores and getting in a hassle. There are ways of getting groceries delivered. Stores and private groups will help.

Stores are private property and store owners have every right to demand you wear a mask or leave. If you wont leave, now you are trespassing and the police can get involved.

Did he say he has a medical issue. No he is just some redneck little kid.

appears like he was socially distancing just fine up until the employee got right up into his face..

No he wasn’t, he was passing everyone in the store closely with no regard.

Just another selfish, egocentric tough guy.