SLO police arrest felon following a string of shootings

July 16, 2020

Guy Wicks

Following an approximately nine-month-long string of shootings near Elks Lane in San Luis Obispo, officers arrested a felon on Wednesday, who is accused of possessing an AR-15 rifle and of shooting at a motorhome, an occupied residence and a water line.

Between Oct. 2019 and March 2020, San Luis Obispo police received eight reports of gunfire or fireworks in the 200 and 300 blocks of Elks Lane, police said.

After one of the incidents, investigators found multiple bullet holes in the side of a motorhome. The motorhome was in long-term storage at the time, and it was not occupied.

Then on March 19, a gunman fired a single shot into an occupied home in the 300 block of Elks Lane. Officers searched the home and nearby creek area, but failed to find a suspect.

Between March 19 and Wednesday, police received an additional seven reports of shots fired or fireworks in the area. On one occasion, investigators determined a single gunshot had been fired into a large water pipe.

Since the March shooting, investigators conducted regular searches of the creek and surrounding areas.

During a search conducted Wednesday, officers interviewed Guy Wicks, 59, in the creek off Elks Lane. Officers found evidence linking Wicks to an AR-15 rifle that was hidden in the area.

Additionally, investigators found evidence leading them to believe Wicks is responsible for shooting into the vacant motorhome, occupied residence and water line.

Officers arrested Wicks and booked him in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of possession of an assault weapon, possession of a high capacity magazine, felon possessing ammunition and felon possessing a firearm. Wicks remains in custody with his bail set at $50,000.

Investigators are continuing to search for additional evidence related to the motorhome, residential and water line shootings. Police are asking anyone who has information about the case to call Detective Benson at (805) 594-8059.

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Just because folks are allegedly homeless AKA hippies, hobos , non conformist, etc. etc. does not mean they don’t have money. Or he obtained it thru street sale or a burglary .He may have known the Paso shooter .Latest scam I heard about is people on Section 8 housing are actually renting their own relatives home and/or there home placed in relatives name or apartment in a relatives complex. Meaning Section 8 is paying their mortgage and if no mortgage pure profit as they are their own tenant .I have seen drug rehab participants sublet the rental rehab pays for .

I’m shocked that the Police even responded ? as of today they are going to Focus their attention to those who drive while texting or calling even if it calling 911.

SLOPD has failed at every level of transparency and integrity, on 2-21-20 a Violent Assault occurred in the day time at the downtown Post Office. SLOPD Case #200221063 a felony as well as more than $ 3K in damage.

The suspect well known to the POLICE and the Entire community is Convict Jacob aka Jake Johnson aka “White Rapper” aka J.P. Whittaker. A convict who has a long history of selling Heroin, stealing Guns and more he is still on the streets.

So the public is still in harms way as the Downtown Crime is increasing at an alarming rate, stabbing, sexual assaults, vandalism, stabbings, thefts from stores and public display of inappropriate sexual matters, feces and urine all over the parks and sideways and needles in the Mission Plaza where is the Missing Leadership in the Dept. ?

Dog Killer Joshua Walsh who has been on paid leave a few times this year alone, is back on the streets and the Chief is giving him his coveted position as a Motor Officer. SLOPD has violated several major laws is giving known Felon’s and other Convicts a Pass on committing crimes is now OK to commits as the PD will not respond nor will they arrest.

Now i know why these demonstrators, rioters, protesters control the Chief thus they get away with Crime daily

How did THIS guy get an assault rifle? Is there a way to insure persons having mental problems don’t have weapons?

This fool has NO second amendment rights as far as I am concerned. Sadly , if he stole it , bought it on the black market , acquired it years ago before he fell into lunacy , there were many paths . However , registering .223 ammo and his attempts to purchase it could have “outed” him. Law abiding citizens don’t need to fear things like background checks . I hope they throw the book at this fool and lock him up . He does not care if a stray bullet kills anyone .

This repeat offending, violent criminal’s bail was only $50k? Lori Loughlin’s bail for college admissions bribery was $500k. Another example of being a member of a privileged protected class (in this case, homeless).

Homeless? An AR15 costs several thousand dollars. What he did is insane, and making this political as the comments before me is insane too. Making jokes about a man shooting an ar15 in public right after our recent public event is disgusting.

I don’t think they were joking, how many of these lovely people are being released? Oh yeah, 8,000 by the end of August…. Buy your guns soon folks, if you can find any.

Crazy person with a gun, yeah, let’s give him bail…. sheesh!

Just like the Paso Shooter was granted bail in Santa Cruz…..then look what he did. We do not need another week like that here…..ever.

Lunatic fool . These are the “bad “ ones who will kill at random .

Another upstanding homeless man. Was he recently released from jail or CMC? Thank you SLO PD for taking action even though our mayor et al believe the homeless should be coddled.

Who ever call in blew it….should of called a social worker.