SLO County’s biggest school district will not reopen in the fall

July 16, 2020

On Aug. 13, the first day of school for most students in South San Luis Obispo County, students will be learning at home.

Lucia Mar Unified School District administrators announced Tuesday that the Board of Education is requiring distance learning for the start of the 20-21 school year because of the coronavirus. Unlike last spring, the school schedule will be more closely modeled after a regular school day, according to the district.

The district plans to provide students with Chromebooks if needed. In addition, the district is looking into options for internet service for families who do not currently have WiFi access.

“Please understand that the decision making process was heart wrenching, and the Board of Education and district management recognize the challenges that lie ahead; we promise we will continue to do all we can to support our families, our students, and our staff as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times,” according to the district website.

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Thus far neither the state or federal government has provided any additional funds to schools to mitigate the risk of bringing children back to school. Not a dime has been committed.

Yet we want to frog March them back to school like good soldiers.

Sending your children back to any school will be risky unless the schools are provided funding for PPE etc.and concrete guidelines to follow. All that is in flux right now. School starts in a couple weeks.

Schools want to get back to normal just like the rest of us.

If the parents are doing 50 percent of the work they need to get paid. The teachers should take a pay reduction. The remaining balance would be divided amongst all of the families in each class. The economics of this online system will be a financial disaster to many hard working families who rely on 2 incomes to survive. We all know how expensive it is to live on the CC. Most families need 2 incomes to get by. Along with that in order to become a teacher it takes a minimum of 5 yrs of education. Most parents don’t have a teachers credential.. This a JOKE! We have been brainwashed mask stop the spread Lets put it to the test…

This is a difficult situation all around. I could see your point on reducing teacher pay, if teachers were actually working less. As a teacher, I can tell you that during distance learning in the spring I worked more than I ever did in a classroom. I understand that not being in a traditional school setting is not ideal but wanting to punish the teachers once again, is not the answer. The answer is to wear a mask and follow the CDC guidelines so we can get our numbers down so teachers and students can safely return to classrooms.

Online school is a great way to make public education cheaper. There would be no need to build and maintain gigantic school campuses. Some parents use the school system as daycare and us taxpayers foot the bill. California spends $12k a year per student. Most families don’t pay $12k in taxes total per year. Nature gave us homo sapiens one job, to perpetuate the species. Having somebody else take care of your kid is not fulfilling your natural duty. Having taxpayers pay teachers to do it for you is ridiculous.

No Clay, you sound ridiculous.

Ha! Mocking my comment without a reason is ridiculous too young keyboard warrior. Whether you agree with me or not won’t matter if the state test scores show online learning works and it costs half as much.

“Young keyboard warrior?” Really?

Dude, I’m a senior citizen, an Army veteran, the son of a high school teacher, and the father of a medical Dr. who attended public schools.

You might be right regarding test scores, let’s wait and see about that, only time will tell.

However, your comments about “not fulfilling your natural duty…bla…bla… makes you sound ill informed and so positional about the concept of public education that it’s clearly not worth arguing the issue with you.

Lol! I have a doctorate in juridical science which is a terminal degree in law and a masters in mechanical engineering, all from public universities. You’re right about one thing it’s not worth arguing. My son is a doctor my dad was a teacher blah, blah, blah. Kids use this kind of vicarious credibility to make baseless arguments because they have no experience. Good luck with your ill information.

So, how big will our property tax rebates be? 50%? More? Can’t wait!

Question. Are the Lucia Mar Unified School District administrators going to forego their highly exorbitant pay and allowances?

What an absolute bullshit thing to do.

Given that Germany, Iceland, Japan & others have proven that children almost never catch the virus, and have an incredibly low mortality, seems a backwards decision.

ml…do you have school age children? I don’t. But if I did, I am pretty certain that I would not want them at school with a pandemic going on. I wonder how others with children feel.

I have 3 that are still in school and no matter what they weren’t going back this year. Or putting people in my family at risk when kids can learn from home. No it’s not ideal but it’s what needs to be done for now.

That’s wrong. Do you think because of age they aren’t humans? They have proven to be asymptomatic spreaders, so therefore they aren’t tested frequently. Tons of people are asymptomatic spreaders, but those who are susceptible to covid are at risk of severe medical complications, hence 500k deaths globally. At my work many people have proven to be asymptomatic spreaders and had to mandatory test, and guess what, they spread covid and others got very sick.

You wont win on this forum filled with trump lovers. To them, the virus doesn’t exist

Germany, Iceland and Japan have their infection rates under control. All you really need to do is look at any graph comparing the U.S. to the European Union or Japan and you’ll see those nation’s curves are descending while ours is spiking upward. It seems imprudent to hold gatherings of more than five or ten people in one place at this point considering that schools also have adults of all ages who are needed to run things.

The only thing that seems “backwards” is our federal response—which has been virtually nonexistent—to this crisis.

I believe I heard (still searching for it) the American College of Pediatrics was in alignment with most of Western Europe, Japan and Canada on this one.

Again, still searching for link.

LMAO! Those quacks think the government is trying to control everyone through vaccinations.