California Valley fire destroys 2 structures, 10 outbuildings

July 29, 2020

The Branch Fire in California Valley has burned 3,022 acres, two structures and 10 outbuildings. The fire is 50 percent contained.

The fire broke out near Highway 58 and Soda Lake Road Tuesday afternoon, prompting authorities to conduct evacuations. Highway 58 was closed for a short time, but is now open.

On Tuesday, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office announced evacuations of residents on Belmont Trail from Soda Lake Road to Branch Mountain Road, and from Belmont Trail to Greybriar.

There have been no reported injuries. The cause of the evacuation remains under investigation.

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As the world turns so is another day of the marijuana wars .They said legalize marijuana it’ll be great ….Well not so in California Valley or the rest of the state ,too many gangs involved fighting for territory and control .I’ll bet the legalization has led to at least 2 or 300k criminal court cases .Because their is no jail time involved for the violators of the rules ,they are given fines they never pay they just abandon the land when they feel like it and leave all their destruction behind for gov and others to clean up