Grover Beach City Council supports raising sales tax

July 21, 2020

Following in the footsteps of other city councils seeking to remedy financial shortfalls through increasing taxes, on Monday the Grover Beach City Council voted unanimously to place a 1 percent sales tax increase measures on the November ballot.

A new 1 percent sales tax increase would generate up to $1.8 million annually, according to the staff report. If approved by the council, the city will place a 1 percent sales tax increase measure on the November ballot, increasing the sales tax from 7.75 to 8.75 percent.

“The average cost per household is an estimated $16 per month with approximately 40 percent of the revenues estimated to be generated by visitors to the community,” according to the staff report.

Currently, all seven SLO County cities have sales tax rates of 7.75 percent. Each of the seven cities have adopted their own half percent sales tax in the past.

Morro Bay, Atascadero, Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo are moving forward with plans to place a 1 percent sales tax increase on the November ballot. The Pismo Beach City Council voted to place a 1 percent increase in transient occupancy tax on the November ballot. The Arroyo Grande City Council voted last week against raising sales tax at this time.

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Why not temporarily cut the salaries of the top 10 city management jobs by 15% and put what’s left as a sale tax increase. Put that on the ballot. I wonder what would happen.

Have they analyzed how their increased sales taxes could potentially lower their revenue and crush local merchants as we make more purchases online at cheaper prices?

It can’t be !!! A gov agency wanting more taxes and fees , Well Gall-Lee as Gomer Pile would relate too .Pretty soon we’ll be at 10% sales tax already more than 10% tax on gasoline and diesel .My Dogs CA pet license is processed by a company in Texas …but everywhere you look in California is a 20 plus million dollar animal shelter full of county employees

California Gas Tax is just under 80 cents per gallon, diesel is just over 1.10 per gallon:(

That’s not counting Federal Excise Tax of 18.4 cents a gallon for gas and 24.4 for diesel :((

Well, it looks like only AG has sanity still prevailing. All other cities believe the only way is to tax their residents more. And as long as the cities can get away with doing that – that is exactly what they will do.

Any hag farmer knows you can not get hogs to stop eating as long as you keep filling the trough.

Voters must have the will power to stop filling the trough. The hogs need to be forced to go on a diet.

Wait a minute—where’s all the pot revenue going, up in smoke?

Gee I thought we were told that becoming the central coast pot spot was going to solve all of Grover’s financial problems, what happen to that?, Oh yeah Covid, so now when another new tax doesn’t solve the problem what will the next answer be? Most know the city doesn’t have a revenue problem they have a spending problem and by not addressing that no amount of new taxes will ever right the city’s financial Titanic.

Put it to the public for a vote and if the public votes it down, fire the Board.