Suspect in the murder of a U.S Army soldier arrested in Santa Maria

July 20, 2020

Walter Morales Jr.

A fugitive suspected in the murder of a U.S. Army soldier, as well as two recent shootings in Lompoc, was arrested Friday following an approximately seven-hour standoff in Santa Maria.

Walter Morales Jr., 26, had been on the run since last September, after he allegedly shot and killed Marlon Brumfield, 22, in Lompoc. Brumfield was home on a month-long leave at the time. Police said the killing was random and unprovoked.

Following the fatal shooting, one of the two suspects, Francisco Gutierrez Ortega, turned himself in and was arrested. But, Morales got away.

Then on the evening of July 11, Morales allegedly carried out two drive-by shootings in Lompoc. In one of the incidents, Morales allegedly chased and shot at a vehicle with several people, including children, inside.

On Friday, Lompoc police officers served an arrest warrant for Morales at a home in Santa Maria. Santa Maria police and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s SWAT Team assisted with the search.

Following the approximately seven-hour standoff, Morales was forced out of the home. Officers arrested Morales and booked him in the Santa Barbara County Jail on a murder charge.

Lompoc police thank the community for providing tips that helped bring Morales into custody.

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Thank God this guy is done!

What was white American citizen Timothy McVeighs immigration status? – 168 killed

What was white American citizen Steve Paddock, Vegas shooters status? 413 wounded, killed 59.

What’s the status of white American citizen, El Paso shooter, Pat Crusius, Killed 22, injured 24

White American citizens & Columbine shooters, murdered 15, injured 20

White Adam Lanza, Sandy hook – murdered 20 beautiful babies ages 6 & 7, killed 6 Teachers

White citizen Dylann Roof – Murdered 9 in church, because they were black.

But a lowlife Hispanic gangbanger kills one & it’s a reflection on his race. Tell it to Native Americans. But hey pasoparent5 & KAG2020 ~ thanks for highlighting your racism.

The mods censored racists comments on this site? That is probably a first!

It’s a sad day here when people ignore statistical murder, and cower under their racism due to some sad upbringing. I’m sorry for the thumbs down. Mass murder in America deemed terrorism is usually by white Christian Males in the USA. Actually, its statistically always the case.

Great news!

Thank you Lompoc and ALL other LEO’s for keeping ALL of us safe!

God bless all of you who put your lives on the line EVERY SINGLE SHIFT.