San Luis Obispo CHP searching for alleged violent protester

July 31, 2020

The CHP is asking the public to help them identify a protester who smashed a car window onto a 4-year-old boy during a protest in San Luis Obispo on July 21.

Shortly after 5 p.m., approximately 300 protesters marched onto Highway 101, blocking all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour. While on the freeway, protesters encircled a motorist who was attempting to drive around the protestors.

“One suspect jumped on the hood of the victim’s vehicle and an additional suspect broke the rear window out of the vehicle with a skateboard as the vehicle was leaving the area,” according to the CHP.

Glass shattered on the 4-year-old boy who was sitting in the back seat.

Protesters claim the driver hit a protester as they attempted to drive away, prompting the alleged rioter to break the back window of the car.

Investigators are asking anyone with information on the suspect to contact San Luis Obispo area CHP office at (805) 594-8700.



My guess is that he is not from SLO County and is paid by George Soros.


Guaranteed this pink haired agent provocateur drank the same water that turned our San Luis Creek frogs gay.


Don’t know if the frogs in San Luis Creek are gay, or if they ever were. All I know is that the (presumptive heterosexual) creek I grew up playing and fishing in (21″ steel head catch-and-release in the tunnel downtown) is nothing but broken glass, human feces, and trash, courtesy of Mayor Harmon, from Cuesta Park to Avila Beach. It’s funny when the occasional sewage spill goes to the creek and warning signage is placed for a few days near Avila. The creek is a year-round toilet for the homeless with water quality regulations unenforced.


Bring back the Draft..

Speak Truth to Power

A Violent Protester is Called a RIOTER…what is it about the Media not being able to use the proper terminology these days? Is it somehow feared that saying the word Rioters will help Re-Elect President Trump? Why not call him what he is rather than Protester?


There goes another 4 year old who’s going to have a lifelong fear of clowns.


He seems very intent on drawing attention to himself. The hair. The posing for photos. Probably not a good idea if there’s the potential of a violent, and illegal act in your future. Oops!

I’m surprised the mayor is even allowing the CHP to attempt finding this guy. Oh wait, maybe she doesn’t have any control over the highway patrol? :)


If he were my son I don’t think I’d admit that…


Hmmm, seems like some of the so-called peaceful, respectful, law-abiding protesters would MORE than willing to turn someone of the likes of a “violent” person such as this. Aren’t they protesting because of VIOLENCE against POC?? So WHY would they support such acts as this? Come’on you Protesters, don’t be “hypocrites” and let this guy get away something like this!


Your absolutely right. Why are they letting this “privileged white kid” get away with assault? Where are you Mayor Harmon? Why are you letting this injustice to prevail under your watch again?

In your bloviating nothing piece the other day, you spoke of being “one people”, ‘one family”, and “one house”. Here’s a chance to take down a “white person”, and help with your own “privileged white guilt”. Your city is going to hell under your lack of leadership, and continued stupidity. Are you going to be a person of your word or continue with this ignorant bulls…?


But wait! He’s a white kid! He’s part of the “systemic” racism in our Country. He couldn’t have been at the BLM riot. This just can’t be a true picture of the perp!!



Find the kid with Parrot DNA.