Vandals paint racist graffiti on Grover Beach school

July 7, 2020

Employees at Grover Beach Elementary School discovered racist graffiti spray painted on a building Monday morning.

The vandal or vandals painted a stick figure hanging from a noose and a racial slur. Lucia Mar Unified School District staff reported the graffiti to police and had it covered up.

The school has been closed to students since mid-March because of the coronavirus.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the vandalism to contact the Grover Beach Police Department at (805) 473-4511.

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Is there something under the HIM? What does HIM mean?

Human Interaction Management?

This is just too convenient, obvious and keeping in theme with the current turmoil about racism. It enhances the narrative and gives a clear example of how bad and racist White people are in that cauldron of racial divide , Grover Beach . I truly hope that it’s not what I suspect , but rather some bored 15 year olds .

I think they were just playing Hangman, or is that illegal now too? The game, not the graffiti

Sprayed on the side of a wall with racial language attached….yeah it is illegal.

Like you really need to be told.

I don’t understand how its a racial thing. It either says HIM or HTM ??? Which would mean. ” He Is Mine ” or ” Hot Tranny Mess ” in slang .Someone correct me if I’m wrong

Another race baiting hoax.

The “hoax” claim appears when some on the right can’t handle an event. Russian involvement in the 2016 election – hoax; corona virus – hoax; Trump’s Ukraine quid pro quo scandal – hoax; Russian bounty on our soldiers – hoax; Bubba Wallace’s noose claim – hoax. Of course, those that report on these events are then defined as “fake” news. Sure there is some BS out there, but anything that doesn’t fit into our ideological belief systems isn’t necessarily a hoax. We should avoid ideological dependency.

Yup mazin. You hit all the right notes. And you can include Jussie Smollet, the recent “lynchings” in Socal that turned out to be suicides. The Covington Catholic school boys. The Duke lacrosse case. Tawana Brawly. Not to mention fake dossiers, fast and furious, cross fire hurricane, Bengazi, oh where oh where to stop?!. And you, and the agenda driven media run with it every time.

So, Slosum, we should conclude the Grover Beach “hang him” mural is a hoax because Slosum and/or laftch knows who did the painting, and what their intentions were? Do you know this?

Mazin, I sincerely appreciate your independent mindedness in this matter… Even though reasoned debate has no place in these comment sections. It’s probably fascist of us to hope even discuss ideological independence.