Active shooter in Nipomo, deputies converging on Vons parking

August 21, 2020

A gunman fired shots in the Vons parking lot in Nipomo Friday morning, and numerous law enforcement officers are converging on the scene.

Shortly before noon, the gunman fired shots in the Vons parking, which is located at 520 W. Tefft Street. Employees are sheltering in place at a gas station in the area, according to the police scanner.

Numerous law enforcement vehicles, from Santa Maria to Paso Robles, have been making their way to the scene.

Authorities are instructing the public to stay away from the area.

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Can someone from the “defund the police” faction give me their view on how we should handle situations like this without the police? I am honestly curious to understand the perspective/rationale.

Since Heidi Harmon and Tianna Arata are so anti-police, maybe they can rush down there to Nipomo and protect everyone from an active shooter. Defund the police, right Heidi?