Cal Poly plans for most students to return to campus

August 13, 2020

California State University system administrators approved Cal Poly’s plan for limited in-person classes and on-campus housing for the fall quarter, according to a campus-wide email sent Wednesday.

Approximately 13 percent of classes will be held in person. These include labs and classes where attendance has been deemed necessary.

As part of a plan to reduce density in student housing, the number of student living on campus during the fall quarter has been reduced from 8,500 to a maximum of 5,980. The plan prioritizes first-year students.

Since March, 31 students faculty or staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The university is offering free coronavirus tests to symptomatic students. Infected students who live on campus, will be provided isolation rooms to quarantine in.

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I was under the impression that students did not have to return even if one of their classes was in person; the choice was up to the student. Instructors could not be forced to teach their classes in person as well. It appears there will be a lot of students on campus, but the numbers seem to indicate that most of these students will be in their dorms “attending” online classes. I do suspect Cal Poly only hired temporary faculty only if they agreed to teach in person. What a freaking mess.

I’m sure Mayor Harmon is relived, a chunk of her voting block will be back by election time, or did she actually tell Prez Armstrong she needs her voters back and to make it happen, hmmmmmmm.

13% is not the “Most Students” that the headline says.

Oh. I thought so too. But now I see that more than 1/2 of the students who live on campus may return. 5980 may live on campus which has a capacity of 8500. But the campus is outside of the City and how many will do so is the question. Then again, will Poly want to solve the homeless problem?

Anytime a truth is spoken here people get upset. As to why, you don’t have to think too deeply. It’s sad Slo Co hasn’t dealt with its past Night of Broken Glass and its present. Someone else here pointed out Slo Cos racist and bias past towards minorities. Cal Poly should foot the bill for underserved as Exxon, Lockhead and Rantec all sponsor the college as do many other terrorist organizations. EXXON knew of pollution in the 60s and global warming.