Former Cal Poly football player accused of assault

August 12, 2020

San Luis Obispo Police arrested a former Cal Poly football player on Aug. 6 for assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

While Saia Fonongaloa, 22, still appears on the 2019 roster, he is no longer listed on the 2020 rooster. Fononngaloa was a defensive line player.

Officers arrested Fonongaloa for allegedly assaulting a woman with a knife and a frying pan during a party on Casa Street. The victim suffered injuries to her forehead and back, according to KSBY

Officers booked Fonongaloa into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on counts of resisting arrest and assault with a deadly weapon in lieu of $50,000 bail.

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Is this not in fact another case of SLO Police victimizing a person of color? I demand that all charges against him be dropped. So they may be serious charges with justification, but so are the charges against Tianna Arata for unlawful imprisonment of a woman in labor on the way to the hospital and nurses on the way to their shifts.

The Cal Poly D-I FCS football program is a joke, and has been for years. And there’s no way that Cal Poly can claw its way any further up the ladder. All that football scholarship money is sorely wasted on 2nd- and 3rd-rate players who do nothing to enhance the program here.

Now that the Corona Virus mess has devastated college and university athletic programs all over the nation, a comprehensive review of the entire athletic scholarship concept is badly needed. Instead of wasting valuable funding on these clowns from southern California and the Bay area, that money could be far better used in other, strictly, academic areas. It is time- NOW- to restructure our entire advanced education system to actually educate, and to completely eliminate wasted spending on this horribly-outdated system of running minor leagues for the professional sports systems. And Cal Poly, which already has a substantial reputation for excellence in major academic areas, could enhance its standing even further with that simple reallocation of resources.

Let’s spend our tax dollars on actually educating our students. If the professional sports leagues want organized minor league sports systems to provide them with future players, fine- but let THEM pay for it.

Cal Poly already has a football stadium. Fine- we can still have decent college-level football here, if we really want, by Cal Poly finally taking the step to redefine its athletic program to the NCAA Division III, non-scholarship, level. And that goes for the men’s and women’s basketball programs and all other men’s and women’s sports. Everything is different now, and to pretend otherwise any longer would be absolute foolishness.

The time has come. Let’s do it.

You are absolutely correct. There were times when Cal Poly’s D-I women’s volleyball matches on Saturday outdrew the D-II football game down the street. And Cal Poly football regularly struggled with D-III non-scholarship rival Davis. Gonzaga, smaller than a large California high school, picks its battles and spends its money wisely, very wisely. Note that Cal Poly is also a D-I member of the PAC-12 in wrestling, where it has historically been a “mid-major school” nationally. Small teams equal less expense and more likelihood for smaller universities to compete nationally. We can have football, but understand that it is Harvard vs. Yale, non-scholarship and not compromising admissions, not Alabama vs. LSU. Cal Poly racism has traditionally endorsed some sports as “improving diversity”. We can and should favor more disadvantaged students of color but this is not how to do it. Can you imagine the scholarship money that would be available for these students? Cal Poly should not be competing for students based on athletic ability but should support athletic programs, be it NCAA, Club Sports, or Intramural sports as a facet of the overall college experience.

What a cock. Do any crimes qualify for full bail anymore or is it $5k and he’s out?