Local Democratic Party supports Tianna Arata, blames sheriff

August 21, 2020

Tianna Arata, in the center, stomping on a burnt flag

Statement from the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party

The San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party (SLOCDP) is deeply disturbed by the San Luis Obispo Police Department’s recommended charges against Black Lives Matter activist Tianna Arata. We call on District Attorney Dan Dow to drop the unwarranted, heavy-handed felony charges against her, and look to the San Luis Obispo City Council to publicly address the incident directly, as well as to implement corrective action to reverse the political weaponization of the city’s police department.

Our County Sheriff Ian Parkinson’s inflammatory words — which prompted the civil activism of our friends and neighbors — and the injection of incendiary commentary by our district attorney during a First Amendment-protected gathering, violate our democratic principles, divide our community, and corrupt the rule of law.

SLOCDP condemns attempts to use our legal system to stifle free speech and further partisan political agendas. Instead of escalating tensions, SLOCDP demands fair, just, and equitable treatment for all people by our sheriff and district attorney, as well as by the various chiefs of police throughout our county, and calls on all elected officials in our county to provide the robust oversight which will guarantee it.

SLOCDP declares that weapons of war have no place in our community, especially military grade chemical weapons such as those used on protesters during a peaceful demonstration on June 1. Because the possession of such weapons is unnecessary and dangerous, and their use contributes to our county becoming known nationally as a place where law enforcement tramples on the 1st amendment, they must be renounced and abandoned.

SLOCDP will continue to challenge and work to dismantle the structures that generate enduring racial, economic, political, and social inequity. We will promote racial justice through fair, just, and equitable governing of all public-serving institutions and in the formation of public policy. We condemn the disproportionate prosecution of Black, Indigenous, and people of color, evidence of institutional racism. We will continue to push for societal transformation, to make it clear that black lives matter and that there is no place for racism in our country and in our county.

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Blocking a highway isn’t speech.

Even MLK said do the crime, be prepared to do the time.

Marching over a bridge,seating at a bar and been black in the 1950s, demolishing the Berlin Wall,standind in front of a tank at Tienamen square,Mandela in prison for decade, Gandhi in jail, blocking a Highway for social justice.People do extraordinaries things , i say thank you to them.

“We condemn the disproportionate prosecution of Black, Indigenous, and people of color, evidence of institutional racism“

Well the guy the deputies shot today in Nipomo was white, so that should make the SLO Democratic Party feel a little better….

Thank goodness because it would be a national scandal if he were a person of color

This idiotic logic is exactly why the Dems lost in 2016 and will lose in 2020.

Right there is everything you need to know about which party to vote for.

Democratic Socialist, with selective eco friendly captitalism for me. Our local leaders violate the constitution as in no Separation of Church and State.

Well, the constitution doesn’t mention separation of church and state. So evidently our local leaders are in the clear. The concept, as it relates to US history, comes from Thomas Jefferson. It was intended to ensure that the government does not interfere with religion…not to remove religion from our government.

And those two things matter more to you than stopping arson, assault, looting, and extortion? I guess you are a “The end justifies the means” kinda person….

Sheriff Parkinson said nothing objectionable, unless the Democrats consider the use of the word “posse” to be somehow racist, despite the fact that we live in the West where sheriffs commonly had the assistance of their “posse” (now consisting of the deputies). The only other thing Sheriff Parkinson said is that he does not believe there is “systemic racism”. That is an easily supportable statement, both on the basis of the facts as well ass the law.

Our law enforcement officers have been very restrained so far, contrary to some protester such as the idiot who kicked an officer in the crotch. This whole statement by the SLOCDP is just drivel and shows again that they should not be entrusted with governing us.

Atascadero segregated black school children, A monument at the highschool is still there, the KKK infiltrated slo in the past, and San Luis Obispo whites destroyed China town and Asian communities nearly 100 years ago in a violent riot and chased them out of Cambria too, one of the largest asian exodus next to Japanese internment camps in Ca during WW2, there is a monument in Cambria in regard to this. Facts hurt, let us learn from our Systemically Racist Past.

The fact that these actions don’t occur, and would not be tolerated, in our current society…and there are monuments reminding us of these incidents, is probably an indication that we as a society have learned from the past and this is not a systemic problem.

Have you been reading the SLO Tribune again? The KKK did not “infiltrate SLO in the past.” That’s utter bat guano. The KKK held one meeting at the Pavilion in SLO. I suspect they soon realized that because SLO was well more than 50% Catholic (enemies to the KKK) back then, along with plenty of others who didn’t condone crap like racism, that unlike Oildale, the KKK would not be able to get a foothold in SLO.

How does the Democratic Party think that becoming the poster child of lawlessness, flag burning, arson, and chaos will help them prevail in the elections this November?

Nationalism is one of the most dividing and dangerous ideologies man has ever created and is dust in the wind when the empire fails. We ended a fascist, capitalist, nationalist regime not too long ago, to then spew our own version. Patriotism shouldn’t be painted as a police force or military complex, but should be portrayed as humanity during a crisis. If only Firefighters and Medics were a symbol for America, they save lives; they dont take lives. One earth Keith, and freedom of speech, ie flag burning, is the founding of our damn country, minus slavery. I’m on the side that, we all have the right to whacky ideals as long as there is separation of Gov from such. Keith, quit sewing discord as a public figure and making everything political please.

FF, EMT’s, & Paramedics do in fact save lives. So do our LEO’s and military personnel. Patriotism is definitely portrayed as humanity during crisis…have we forgotten 9/11, Katrina, or the many other natural disasters that we as a country have persevered. When crisis occurs, we as a people typically rise above our differences and help each other with extraordinary acts of kindness & generosity…it’s just that, it requires a crisis for most to set aside their differences.

were did you read that? Look at the Covid crisis, do you see any unity in this nation? Trumpist and Tea Party went to far. Nobody want to set aside their differences anymore. With all respects , i think you should modify your; We The People username.

Tkg needs to drop the toxic populist bit.

Irresponsible statements like this underscore the City of San Luis Obispo’s need to get its local government in order. It needs to free itself of divisive, partisan politicos! It needs people that care about SLO and not party politics! On November 3, please:

REJECT: Heidi Harmon and Andy Pease.

ELECT: Cherisse Sweeney (mayor), Erik Long (council seat #1) and Abrianna Torres (council seat #2.)

What an irresponsible and shameful posting. Why is the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party adding fuel to the fire? What is there to gain? What service does it provide? Corporate virtue signalling? Pox on you, SLOCDP!

Beware SLOCDP. The view of the Arata/Bautista arrests and the rest of the BLM shenanigans in the City of SLO is hardening from one of concern/disgust to one of anger and grim resolve.

What should they be wary of? What will your anger and grim resolve produce? ……besides hand wringing.

Use your own damned imagination.

Maybe you can act it out for me non verba? Or at least toss in an icon or an emoji to help clear things up.

Mryan, I doubt he has the empathy to do such.

It could result in Heidi and Andy getting tossed out on their ass for one thing…

Please read my reply to “We the people.Just for you sir.

Sheriff Parkinson is not even allowed to have an opinion or view? I never saw systematic racism during my time as a deputy sheriff either.

I beg to differ! You have seen systematic racism. It was called Affirmative Action!

And yes, Parkinson is allowed to have an opinion. Bullying people never ends well for the bullies!

Ironically enough, Affirmation Action has been around for decades. However, many will claim that reparations have never occurred. It seems to me like our country has made a concerted effort to right the wrong. These cries about systemic racism are complete political nonsense to invoke some sort of guilt to eventually get their way, which unfortunately is Marxism. I am certain that racism does exist, within all races and towards all races. However, the racism that exists in our country is endemic, not systemic. It does not occur in most places within our society.

The ones who are using bullying tactics are the same ones who were lecturing us on the need to stop bullying and to create safe spaces for people.

What a difference a year makes… now no one condemns bullying or speaks of safe spaces.

Instead businesses are bullied into kicking down a few bucks or face having their customers driven away by mobs or their property damaged.

Maybe this is how our Union ends; the country descends into chaos and violence and eventually Balkanizes into separate regions where like minded people band together to protect their common values and ideals. Unfortunately a study of history shows partitioning usually generates bloodshed along the way. Ireland, Palestine, India and Yugoslavia are a few examples from the 20th Century.

Travis , yes the sheriff can have his own opinion.However he should not forget most people expect him to do his job and stay neutral on political issues. Dan Dow is in contact with the leader of a white supremacist group, classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Center. Dan Dow is the person we need to watch, as a district attorney he is mixed up with dirty people .Cal coast news knows that ; when are you going to expose Dan Dow and tell us why the FBI came to Slo?Do you want some facts?

“…classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty [Law] Center…”

Who gives a crap? The SPLC is highly partisan! A tired political slut of an organization. It has lost all of its credibility in the groups it condemns and those it does not.

People who do not give” a crap”have a name; racist.And no the Southern Poverty Center is not a political group.I am curious, are you a white supremacist?

No he shouldn’t, he should be nuetral as a LEO!

If Parkinson should stay neutral as a LEO, then Harmon should stay neutral as a mayor – she doesn’t just represent socialists and progressives, she represents all constituents…and so on. I’m not an advocate of stripping anyone of their 1A right, so I think everyone should be afforded an opinion, so long as it is within the confines of legal statutes and doesn’t interfere with the job they are paid to do. You will always find a few to argue that Parkinson hasn’t done a good job, but I believe the majority of SLO county are pleased with his performance.


did you mean neutered