Parody: SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon and Quinn Brady talk strategy

August 29, 2020

Mysterious cartoonist SLO Shank’s latest video portrays San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon and her close friend, and sometimes campaign manager, Quinn Brady discussing campaign strategy.

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How is this a parody? It seems spot-on.

This would be funnier if it didn’t contain so many truths.

Payoffs from pot entrepreneurs and developers. Vote pandering to the leftists at the expense of everyone else. Egging on Tianna’s behavior by telling her that she had her back and that her police force wouldn’t intervene. Looking the other way during the shake downs of local businesses. Intimidating local business leaders like Rick Stollmeyer into getting onto the BLM train. (If you want futures projects looked upon favorably, you had better demonstrate allegiance to me and my causes.)

Let’s hope SLO voters have figured out Heidi for the grifter she is and send her packing at the next election.

So the ‘Shank is back? Outstanding! Great timing! I realize this animation is meant to entertain, but it’s all so real and accurate! Chilling in a sense.

If nothing more it does show that SLO does need non-partisan local politicos, and not extremists like Harmon and Pease.

I just checked the Shanks’ site. Looks like he has another animation up. This one focused on young Ms. Arata.

Quinn and Heidi are such a cute couple!

OMGosh! How absolutely great CCN! Made my day. Tooooo funny, but unfortunately too real.

How can ONE person wield so much POWER and thrust that power upon the populace based upon their ideology? That of course is a rhetorical question.

It’s happening even now at the highest levels of Gov’t. And has been for many decades.

How tragic for all of us. And a BIG THANK YOU to SLO Shank! God bless you!!



Wow, that’s certainly Pulitzer material. Great work CCN!

It’s both hilarious and tragic for what they are doing to this town…

Teee heeee heeee heeee