SLO County supervisor’s Zoom meeting goes boom-boom

August 29, 2020


What happens when a naked man Zoom bombs a meeting held by San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson? The meeting ends early, women claim they were sexually assaulted, and pussy hats are ordered.

During an Aug. 26, Zoom meeting Gibson hosted to discuss issues in Los Osos, a hacker took over an attendee’s tile and switching it to a video of a naked man masturbating while a voice asked ‘grampa not to do that on the TV.’ In the background, Gibson yelled for someone to “turn it off.”

Several female attendees, including Becky McFarland, voiced concerns about the county’s ability to host secure meetings and Gibson’s handling of the Zoom bomber.

“Your apparent ineptitude led to the public humiliation of our group leader Emily Miggins … by a naked, disgusting, pervert, hacking our conversation and playing whack-a-ding-dong, in full view of community leaders and senior citizens,” McFarland wrote in an email to Gibson. “Worse than not knowing how to make the meeting secure, was your lack of apology as a man, to Emily, and members who were called out by name, and basically sexually assaulted online.

“So now all of us who attended your meeting, including the men, are official members of the “Me Too Movement,” McFarland added. “Thanks. I was never into pussy hats, but I went on Amazon to order some for me and my besties in the group.”

Already irritated with Gibson over his handling of homelessness and fire safety issues during the pandemic, several women used the Zoom meeting fiasco to question Gibson’s treatment of women.

“Throughout our community you are known as a man who talks over women and disbelieves what they tell you, what they have heard with their own ears and seen with their own eyes,” McFarland wrote in the email. “We are tired of your bullshit. Forgive my language (I will repent in my prayers tonight, I am sure Jesus will understand).  Come to think of it, the bombers display yesterday is how I think you feel about our town and our concerns. We are tired of being told ‘Bruce only thinks linearly,’ so you have to lay out your case carefully so he understands.”

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Adulterer,how can we forget his infidelity with his office staff

Shows a real lack of creativity, and just as pervy as the guy who bombed the zoom meeting.

I could smell something not there deep down, where it counts.

Cold eyes, phony.

Something about those paper lots, those water permits..something to that.

An elephant never forgets, and the gut never lies.

fortunately i was not in attendance and thus not labeled as a ” me too er” Now let the apologies stop for other people’s actions! Take responsibility for are own behavior and do not claim to have been setup!

Dang, I always miss the good stuff…

Until the COVID detour is over, all government activity must be limited to the mandated basic function. Their should not be public meetings as the public can not be assured satisfactory access for participation as required to be provided by government code. Required public meetings on the internet are like internet elections, neither should be allowed.

McFarland is an idiot if she thinks this was controlled by Gibson at all! Like Gibson would even plan this? IS she that ridiculous? She’s giving smart women a BAD NAME by attaching her angst against Gibson to some kind of Zoom Bombing! Give me a Break! Make it REAL McFarland, you are depleting the real reasons for Women to Complain about REAL Bad Behavior.

The Zoom Bomb thing was NOT in his control I am sure!

Are you kidding me? That’s like not holding on to the steering wheel of your car and then saying an accident was not your fault because the car was not under your control!

It’s not hard to secure your zoom meeting against Zoom bombing if you have half a clue and do the slightest bit of research. This WAS the responsibility of Gibson to do.

When are these cowards we call supervisors going to quit hiding behind screens and start meeting in person to do the business of the people they were elected to do, They can wear masks and medically distance just as we do in any other essential business.

They will milk this as long as they can, the city council in Arroyo Grande also refuses to resume real meetings, hiding behind so called county regulations. They even hid while calling off elections using so called financial costs as the reason.

Sounds like the most entertaining county supervisors meeting ever. Turn it off, turn it off. Since zoom records and keeps everything maybe they could make it available for purchase. Great campaign ad for Bruce’s next opponent.

Is anyone surprised that women claim gibson is misogynistic and treats them like second class citizens? He hasn’t changed. Look at his associations and who he takes orders from.

Right, we kept seeing his best buddy Adam and him hanging close together..Birds of a feather. But this Zoom Bombing thing should not be used as an example. Doing so belittles the real reasons. Gibson had zero control over it.