Public banned from makeshift skate park in Nipomo

August 5, 2020

Cement slab in Nipomo where children gather to skate

With only two public parks in Nipomo, children often congregate at a makeshift skate park located near the intersection of Tefft Street and Frontage Road in Nipomo. But amid plans to turn the ragged lot into a retail center, skaters are banned from the property.

In 2008, the Nipomo Recreation Center burned to the ground. Shortly afterwards, children made ramps and began using the lot as a gathering place, that also attracts homeless seeking a place to camp.

In 2017, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Lynn Compton began battling for monies to construct a skate park to be located at the Nipomo Community Park. The county is currently awaiting $459,000 in state funding.

With a prospective buyer seeking to purchase the property located at 170 Frontage Road, sheriff deputies cleared people from the property on Monday. Currently, private security is watching the property while an Environmental Impact Report is generated.

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I don’t blame the kids! Give them a skate park! Didn’t they even earn $$ towards one a few years ago? What ever happened to the Money designated for the skate park?

We’ve been waiting for this skate park for 15 years! it’s ridiculous. When government fails to act, the people will. I commend these kids for building their own skate park. The kids of Nipomo deserve a skate park. I say build it bigger and better than SLO’s skate park.

Good job — harass the kids away from good, clean fun. They should be gang banging, selling drugs, partying and generally staying hidden from public view. Force them into the shadows.

Unfortunately, they are not participating in “good, clean fun”. There is graffiti, trash, and drugs.The place is disgusting. Most parents don’t want their kids hanging out at this makeshift park. The last time I drove by there was trash lining the street—-and we can’t blame that all on the homeless.

Trash!? Trash you say!? Oh the nerve of these little heathens!!!

I can barely stand to think of how misguided they must be to force us to look at their artwork and dorrito wrappers.

It’s borderline blasphem if you ask me!

Sick the dogs on ’em!!!

I don’t think you get it. It’s not dorrito wrappers and “artwork”. A lot of the “kids” that go there are not actually kids, they are adults hanging around with kids. The picture above is not really an accurate portrait of what it really is and what goes on there. Since when is someone else’s property acceptable to paint grafitti on? And the trash is so bad that it now lines the streets of the roads surrounding it. Much more than a little dorrito bag. I am all for the kids having a skate park in Nipomo, I even donated money to make that happen—just so my kids would not want to go to the “makeshift” skate park. Why don’t you actually go there when it’s in session and tell me about the sweet little kids that are hanging out there.

Adults skateboard at the skatepark too!? I’m appalled!! Absolutely appalled.

We are really at the end of times.

What’s next? Adults surfing at the same time as kids? I can barely stomach the thought. We should kick them out of the beaches too — I’ve seen them leave trash behind.

Yes we should- or maybe everyone should throw trash in your yard. It sounds like you find that acceptable.

The property owner should pay the Fence Factory to secure it.

Thank you, Supervisor Compton, for trying to get this skatepark built. It is inconceivable that the county can’t find funds for this. Building a skatepark in San Luis Obispo was one of the best things the city has done in the past decade. These young people are outside burning off energy instead of staring at a computer screen and eating junk food. Build the park!

Isn’t this the skate park that a few years back, they already had the $$. But it was confiscated for a different project?? Didn’t the kids even earn money for this particular project?