Two homeless men found dead in three days in Grover Beach

August 4, 2020

In the span of three days, authorities found two homeless men dead in the city of Grover Beach.

First, a homeless man was found dead on Saturday. Investigators determined his death to be a suicide, police said.

Then on Tuesday, shortly after 8 a.m., a 911 caller reported a person sleeping under a large box truck in the 700 block of W. Grand Avenue. Officers arrived and found a homeless man deceased under the vehicle.

Neither of the deaths is considered to be suspicious. Police say a preliminary investigation into the death of the man found under the vehicle shows no signs of foul play.

Police are continuing to investigate and have not released the identity of either of the men who died.

Anyone who has information about the man found under the vehicle is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Celis Rabena at (805) 473-4570.

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A sad end to one’s life. Years ago they found the remains of a guy off Turri Road in Los Osos. Couldn’t ID the guy at first, finally did figure out who he probably was, but then no one ever claimed his body, and he was buried in a pauper’s grave, which I didn’t even know they had in this county.

Bless you Michele. I’ve been homeless and I realize how cruel people can be. But thank goodness some people are kind.

Times are tough. I’m lucky, I have a home and job. A lot of people don’t and are slipping through the cracks. Sad that lives ended this way.