Rallies for Tianna Arata and Dan Dow planned in SLO

August 24, 2020

Tianna Arata standing on a highway barrier

As civil unrest again spikes in the United States, rallies in support of both protester Tianna Arata and SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow are set to take place this week in San Luis Obispo.

Tianna Arata, who has not appeared at public demonstrations since her July 21 arrest, is expected to appear along with her mother Michelle Arata on the steps of the San Luis Obispo courthouse at 10 a.m. Tuesday. Supporters of Arata, including Mindbody founder Rick Stollmeyer, are planning to hold both a press conference and a rally as they continue to demand that Dow not file charges against her.

At 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, supporters of Dow and local law enforcement are expected to likewise stage a rally on the courthouse steps. A Facebook post promoting the event shared by the SLO County Republican Party states Erik Gorham and Amanda Hawkins are organizing the rally.

Dow has not yet announced whether or not the DA’s office will charge Arata over her involvement in the July 21 protest in which she led protesters onto Highway 101, and in one case, shattered the rear window of a car.

Meanwhile, civil unrest is again spiking across much of the country. On Sunday, police in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot a black man, Jacob Blake, multiple times in the back, prompting rioting in the midwestern city.

Also over the weekend, violent clashes broke out between right and left-wing groups in Portland. Likewise, brawls broke out at a Beverly Hills rally in support of President Donald Trump, which drew a crowd of Black Lives Matter-affiliated protesters who ended up fighting with Trump supporters.


The timing is …….interesting. The pro criminal rally is at 10 A.M. when most working people are at work. The pro law and order rally is at 5:30 after most working people get off of work. Just sayin’


Let’s go SLOPD and the other Central Coast LE agencies! The organizers of this protest should have been told “NO” based on security concerns when they applied for a permit. If they didn’t apply for a permit (wink, wink), they should have been told “NO” anyway, formally, in writing.

If they move forward anyway, arrest the ringleaders — even if it has to be done the following day for the sake of security. You should have enough image intelligence by now to arrest the top 10-20 people in every organization that shows up. They should have also been warned that they would be charged for any costs associated with defiantly going forward. If they don’t pay up, drag them to court.

I don’t want to see anyone get hurt tomorrow, but this BLM bull manure needs to cease. I think an extra strong focus needs to be put on local BLM/Black Race Cars Matter organizers who stoke fear into our community, and then brag about it at every opportunity. Clowns who seem to have no idea where things are going.

“Peaceful protests?” Stop lying to us, BLM/Black Race Cars Matter organizers! You have become a malignancy that has attached itself to the City of SLO like the disease you all are! You simply need to stop causing unrest or you need to dealt with using the full extend of the law.


Whether you like it or not, you can’t just take away someones right to protest and their freedom of speech, just because you don’t agree with the cause or the act of protesting. There have been plenty of peaceful BLM protests, even here in SLO county. If you want to protest against Cucumbers, be my guest. I won’t tell you “No”. Waa!


Like it or not, if a group applies for a permit to protest, and there is legitimate concern that grave consequences will follow, the protesting can be disallowed.


Like it or not political protests can march without any permit or permission.

Freedom of speech and assembly does not need a permit and they can march without permission. It’s settled law, complain all you want.

“legitimate concern that grave consequences will follow” Oh noo they might do something, stop them before they say something I might not like….


No. You’re wrong. It’s that simple.

If there is legitimate concern that grave harm is going to be done to people or property, a protest can be denied.

It can (and certainly has) gone to court but the notion of “damn the torpedo, full First Amendment ahead no matter the cost” is flat-out wrong.


Lol, a federal judge clearly stated no permit required, in front of the lawyers paid for by the city of SLO.

No one said “no matter the cost” , that’s your mountain out of a molehill.


Tell me which shop window in SLO was vandalized. I am a business owner in town and my business is close to the courthouse on Marsh. We were open during every single demonstration and nobody attacked our business. What kind of security concerns are you talking about?


The story was well covered by all news outlets…shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. They were opportunists and got caught over in the LOVR/Madonna center (attempting to vandalize a smoke shop). These are the types of things that these so-called protests bring about.


So you want to blame random crimes on the downtown protests, that’s first class hand wringing.

“types of things” That thinking leads to types of people…….


I guess your type of thinking must be “first class” denial that this “random” crime is unrelated.


The beauty of my type of thinking is that there are not “types” of people. We are all individuals, with our own talents, our own choices, and an equal opportunity to succeed in a free country with limitless opportunity for all.


ActaNonVerba said “BLM/Black Race Cars Matter organizers! You have become a malignancy that has attached itself to the City of SLO like the disease you all are!”

With attitudes like this, the protests will continue. Treating humans like this, calling someone “a malignancy” “the disease you all are” , you are perpetuating the problem.


Arata’s are dividing not uniting, let’s hope this protest is peaceful, there will be lots of media there. Let’s see if she chants “ F**k the police “ again … That’s not unifying.


Do you understand that when someone says F*** The Police is towards a system, not an individual, right? Maybe you’re more ok with the Charlottesville neo-nazis chanting “Jews will not replace us” because as Trump said there were fine people on that group.


Stollmeyer looking for street cred after selling his unprofitable tech company for big money and letting his people get laid off by the hundreds. Go home you, creep.



Shame on that US Navy vet. Wonder what his former shipmates would think?


They might think he has a brain. Oh lord!


Do, anything for money, for profit?

Yeah, you obviously don’t get it.


The Beverly Hills posting is quite intriguing given our situation here in SLO. BH’s population is 34K, while SLO’s is about 48K. Similar enough, although BHPD has 117 sworn police officers vs. 59 for the SLOPD. Just about DOUBLE. Sobering, huh?

However if all heck breaks loose in Beverly Hills and they send out a call for mutual aid, the number of LEOs that can respond in short order is AWESOME! LAPD. LA County Sheriff’s Office. CHP (in a far bigger way than here in SLO County.) Santa Monica Police. Culver City Police. Burbank Police. Glendale Police. Inglewood Police, etc., etc., etc.

If this Arata rally was scheduled for BH, they probably wouldn’t even allow it. They’d be told NO on the basis of security. If people showed-up anyway, they’d be warned, then arrested and given a ride downtown, where they would be introduced to the HORRORS of the LA County Jail System!

A different world.

ban the bakos

Great, another protest. Someone light up the bat signal for the local motorcycle clubs and give them Heidi’s salary


No need to single out Arata and make a martyr of her. Simply charge everyone who blocked the highway. This puts the focus back on the crime and the concrete specifics of the event.

Let’s be honest — she wouldn’t be getting national attention if she were a 50 year old white guy. She’s an attractive young black woman and the last thing you want to do is put a spotlight on her. Put the spotlight on the crime and everyone who participated in it.


Since when does criminal law not apply because people believe they are above it? Don’t let the (future) inmates run the asylum.


I wish I could “like” your posting twice.

Downtown Bob

The shooting in Wisconsin happened when the black man decided to fight the police and rush to his car possibly grabbing a weapon. If he would have complied he most likely would be alive today. In 2017, a similar incident was filmed resulting in the shooting of two Pennsylvania State patrolmen killing one when they failed to keep a subject from grabbing a handgun in his vehicle.


So, shoot him in the back multiple times? Why didn’t they just retreat and seek to deescalate the situation. Why were they chasing him? So what, let him drive away. They had his license number and they were standing outside his house. And, by the way, he is still alive.


The video does not show the perp’s knife, his scuffling with cops, or being so high the tazing didn’t faze him.

Cops are not supposed to “retreat” in such cases.


If police just let every criminal flee how exactly are laws enforced? This defund the police mentality will not work….social workers deployed to de-escalate violent situations will not work, not pursuing criminals will not work, releasing criminals from jails/prisons will not work! The majority of Americans are not criminals and they eventually will get tired of the increased crime…it will not happen immediately, but the consequences will eventually permeate through the entire fabric of our communities. LE agencies are already struggling to recruit officers…not many people are willing to volunteer to do it anymore (shocking!). If law enforcement is defunded and they can no longer hire qualified people, I can only imagine that the legislators will implement some sort of draft-like system. If you are 21 and healthy, you will be required to be an unarmed law enforcement “de-escalator” for 4 years. I’m sure there would be a sudden movement to fund the police again!


Like usual, the video does not show the entire altercation. I would think that by now, everyone should learn to avoid making a rush to judgement until ALL of the facts are known. Mazin, clearly Non Verba has seen the video, they are referring to rumors about what happened just prior to the video.