San Luis Obispo fines gym for coronavirus rules violation

August 11, 2020

A San Luis Obispo fitness center that that reportedly remained open for inside workouts, and at which some gym members were seen not wearing masks, received a $1,000 fine from the city of San Luis Obispo on Monday for violating a statewide coronavirus order.

Club 24, located on Foothill Boulevard near Santa Rosa Street, became the third business in SLO County to receive a citation related to coronavirus safety regulations. The city of San Luis Obispo previously issued fines to McClintock’s and Buffalo Pub and Grill, both of which are located in downtown SLO.

The city recently received multiple complaints Club 24 was not complying with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s statewide order, as it applies to SLO County. Gyms and fitness centers in SLO County can operate outdoors, but not indoors, due to the county exceeding the coronavirus case threshold established in Newsom’s order.

The city received a complaint about the gym and then went to ensure the business was clear on coronavirus rules. City officials then received additional complaints and documented the continued violation.

Subsequent violations could result in additional accrued fines, misdemeanor charges or infraction citations related to state public health orders and municipal code violations.

Additionally, the business could face a separate fine for every day it continues to commit a violation, as well as a separate fine for every member of the public allowed to use the facility while violating public health orders. Violations of orders that pose threats to public health and safety do not require the usual warnings that would apply to more routine property-based violations, according to city staff.


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Don’t forget the great financial impact in savings due to the Social Security checks that are no longer needed as well as the expensive keep-alive medical costs to the public system. This gargantuan savings is never mention nor the fact about the Chinese who bought various long-term, elder, insurance companies that no longer are funding the beneficiaries because many assisted living facilities have been exterminating them.(certainly a spin that can be argued but with the same results) In short the Chinese bought a bank of money targeted to fund the living but a much great than intended head count became ineligible.

Some of the comments here saying Covid is a conspiracy is very scary to our communities well being, and is being taken very seriously by the feds, regardless of Trump.

But protesting ie rioting is linked to anxiety, moral decay and loss of the public’s freedom. I would rather be in a gym exercising! Healthy for the mind and body.

Seems sense has left the country.

Hm, I wonder if slavery and lack of reparations and high subsequentual incarceration hinder minorities freedoms? Seems like some folks lack ethics and moral values during a pandemic.

I now feel so much safer. I am thrilled that my city leaders are saving me from the risk of entering a gym that is supposed to be closed. Way to help the average citizen in these troubling times! (sarcasm)

Why was Club 24 singled out? Foods 4 Less does not comply, not even the employees are required to wear masks (Trader Joe’s does comply, commie leftists), almost every liquor and convenience store does not comply, almost every restaurant does not comply, City government employees making a political statement refuse to comply with directives from their employer with no consequences. Why are we starting with Club 24? Easy target?

You can report them to authorities, and should, if they dont comply. It’s a one thousand dollar fine potentially. Sorry, viruses aren’t political even if you pretend they are, or wear a tin foil hat.

Why,why, you llive in a buble,do you listen to news other than fox news? Wake up!

Let me get this straight. Protesting ok, going to the gym not ok. I think I got it.

“Protesting has not been linked to rise in Covid counts-NPR”, stop making up lies and spreading fake news.

Yea, right . lol

The same NPR that’s excited about a guy with even more dementia than white privilege running for POTUS ? You’re pissing into the wind, man . Go work out and get a good pump going , endorphins have continued to pull all of us “essentials ” as well as the protesters right through this hoax since mid March —-

No you did not

A question to start asking yourself. Are you willing to take the mark?

Yeah, that’s the burning question.