San Luis Obispo protest organizer speaks on national news

August 14, 2020

San Luis Obispo Black Lives Matter organizer Tianna Arata and attorney Lee Merritt continued their media campaign with ABC’s Byron Pitts, again saying that the July 21 protest was peaceful. Arata went further this time claiming the protest was “super filled with joy.”

On July 21, after congregating at Mitchell Park, Arata led approximately 300 protesters onto Highway 101 from both Osos Street and California Boulevard, blocking all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour. While on the highway, protesters ran after and blocked vehicles attempting to drive off the freeway.

Arata and her supporters have spread misinformation including claims that Arata is in jail, that charges have already been filed against her, and that she is facing 15 years in prison. Certain media outlets such as Cosmopolitan have parroted the protesters’ claim that Arata is facing up to 15 years in prison.

Officers arrested Arata following the protest, and released her shortly afterwards without bail.

SLO police officers then reviewed evidence, which includes hours of videos, before last week recommending prosecutors file five felony charges against Arata: four felony counts of false imprisonment and a felony count of conspiracy. In addition, investigators are seeking three misdemeanor charges: resisting or obstructing a peace officer, inciting a riot, and unlawful assembly.

The district attorney has not filed charges at this time.

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Fully sterilized. No mention of Arata’s confrontation with the driver taking the woman in labor to the hospital where she told her “you have to suffer”.

So as usual the news media don’t look at the real facts ahead of time. Why didn’t they ask her about the blocking of streets and highway traumatizing a 4 yr in the car not allowing a pregnant women thru to hospital. Is this the joy she promotes. Charges should be filed and lets have a jury decide if this joyfull person did wrong.

What makes this whole thing fascinating is that it pits Deanna, SLOPD Chief, vs. Tianna, Protest Leader.

The question for Dan Dow is: “Did the inherently “Sloppy” SLOPD make an air tight case against the leader of the protest?” The people of the county of (as pronounced by the ABC interviewer) “San ‘Lew-EES’ Obispo” will be happy to convict Tianna. But will the Court of Appeal in Ventura affirm the convictions? Will the Federal District Court in Los Angeles, and the Ninth Circuit Court in SF, affirm?

So if Dow does not charge Tianna, expect him to put the blame on Deanna.

The Bottom Line: San Luis is not big enough for both Deanna and Tianna. One of them will have to leave.

Or we can all learn from our mistakes, become more tolerant of different experiences and views, and have a pleasant day at the beach drinking wonderful wine!

Whose mistake(s) Mazin? By extension any criminal, large or small, should be forgiven and then we’ll all go to the beach and drink wine? That’s what you are saying and it is ludicrous, absolutely ridiculous .

I for one cannot wait for jury selection

Angry, vindictive, lock her up, wound up right wingers offsetting the dancing, fowl mouthed, obscene gesturing, left wing protester(s). This ideological anger fest is ridiculous and unhealthy. People need to get a grip, change the channel, change their lives, clean out their minds, go to the beach, have a glass of wine, hit the reset button.

I think smashing windows and looting and extorting businesses is more that they have in mind.

Hmm, unfortunately charging someone and convicting someone are two different things. All it will take is one “Protester” on the jury and she will skate. It’s called OJ Justice.

That’s true of any jury trial.

If you had no knowledge of the real story you would feel sorry for Tianna watching this interview. Most of us that read CCN know much more the the lazy public who accept whatever story is fed to them.

We could readily expect Arata and Merritt to lie about what happened after previous statements they have made. ABS, as a full member of the mainstream media has also proven again that its news reporting is nothing more than propaganda. You would think that ABC would at least do a bit of factual research before giving these two liars a national stage. After almost three years of the Russia collusion frame-up that failed, you would think that they might reconsider going back to at least pretending some sense of objectivity. The mainstream media, however, is so full of incompetents and propagandists, that we can’t believe one word they say.

ABC News’ questioning was unbiased, and even insightful, showing pictures, and commenting on the SLO protesters’ destructive acts. However, many of Tianna’s statements were untrue, and went unquestioned, with the attorney wisely distancing Tianna from the violent protesters. Yeppers, this is how it will be played out. A losing prosecution that will enhancing the self righteousness of the protesters.

Abc. The fair and balanced network.

I’m sorry but what a crock of absolute bullshit. ‘Joyous’?? Super full of joy? Like what reality is she existing in? Was it joyous for the family taking their pregnant daughter to the hospital? Was it joyous for the nurses who were prevented from going to work? Or the 4 year old stuck in a car seat w glass all over him? It’s sad because she sounds troublingly unaware of her potential, and does not articulate her point well at all. Good people who are earnestly fighting inequality are hurt by this. Charge her please.

A couple from Visalia with two young children had their truck blocked on 101 north at Marsh Street and one of “the peaceful protestors” tried to open the drivers side door. This Disney/ABC network coverage is proof they don’t broadcast both sides of a story. And the reason why I never watch ABC news.

Correct. The mainstream media is so in the tank for defeating Trump at any cost that everything they touch is contaminated with bias and bitterness; slanted to the point of silliness and not worth watching for even a nanosecond unless you seek entertainment.

The latest tirade is over the way Tucker Carlson pronounced Kamala Harris’ first name. In actuality he pronounced just like Biden did. Yet, they claimed this was a micro aggression at the least or an overt act of racism.

Interesting that ABC news editorialized by putting the black and white photo of Tiana leading a riot, it makes her look reminiscent of the real civil rights protests back in the 50’s and 60’s. Very subtle but effective in the mind of the uniformed to help justify these lawless groups damaging stuff.