SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill dead, suspected suicide

August 6, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill

Clarification: Sources are now saying while it appears Supervisor Adam Hill killed himself, he did not use a gun.

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill was found dead in his home Thursday afternoon.

At about 4 p.m., emergency responders arrived at Hill’s Pismo Beach home to find him dead, a suspected suicide.

In March, Hill attempted suicide, just hours after FBI agents raided his office at the County Government Center and his home.

Hill checked into a residential mental health facility in July. He returned to work on Monday.

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At the end of the day Adam Hill was a pay for privileges politician.That finally caught up

to him. The take away is to make the best course of action for your constituents regardless of personal pay outs. RIP.


Hill publicly stated that he had Crohn’s Disease. That is common to many who have the wicked little genetic disaster gene known as HLA-B27, a challenging, somewhat-rare auto immune source.

While not at all excusing his reputed corruption, and while not dismissing his tragic final choice, I note he could have been dealing for years with major daily pain and perhaps the borderline dementia of opioid analgesics he was driven to. Not an excuse, just an observation.

R.I.P. Mr. Hill.

Francesca Bolognini

So predictable that all the same people who hounded him in this comments column relentlessly are now “sad” about what happened to him. Big surprise. It reminds me of the high school bullies who hound a student relentlessly and then when something like this happens, they are all just sooo sad about it they need a day off.

Geez. People would rag on him no matter what the story was about. If there was any detail, no matter how small in the story for people to complain about, didn’t even have to relate to politics, someone would bring up what a loser they though Adam Hill was or what a crook he was or whatever. It was relentless.

I’m sticking with the mean high school kids analogy because it really fits. Or perhaps a tank of fish picking on the weakest one. He was possibly as corrupt as people made him out to be, he will not now stand trial for anything, so that is a lot harder to say. But please save all the crocodile tears over how “sad” it is that he took his life, it has a distinctly hollow ring of hypocrisy to it.


He was the bully, not the bullied. He was corrupt and his other issues are what they are. I remember when he was first elected, lived across from Hawthorne School, and bragged to his neighbors that objected that his dog was free to s**t on the school lawn without him cleaning it up because of his position. I would have preferred the FBI put an end to it but I’m glad it’s over one way or another. The FBI still has John Shoals, Jeff Lee and others to investigate.


Do not forget Dan Dow .


Yeppers, the hypocrisy is nauseating. BTW, I take pride on my negative votes here :)


Francesca Bolognini has you beat on negs.


I guess you miss the point … how sad for you . This is not the time .


Aye, you’re just trying to deflect with a condescending political tactic. Reduce the damage from the GOP style politics of the caustic anti-Hill/Harmon/Newsome contingency on this site.

I got the same “this is not the time” stuff on this site … a whole article by Dr. Bravo saying “this is not the time” back in March … when exposing the Trump’s incompetence handling COVID.

So, I disagree, this IS exactly the time to see how divisive ideological party-style politics is, especially locally, and to CHANGE dialog and thinking.


No Trump incompetence Mazin, that’s your opinion. How conveniently you forget the Pelosi, “… come to China town…, or from Beijing Biden claiming “…Trump is a xenophobe because of banning China flights’”, while Democrats were busy with impeachment and the the left leaning media mob ( I.e. Anderson Cooper) “…this is just like the seasonal flu…”


Thank you aye-caramba. My family just lost a very lovable 39 year old friend to suicide. He was a loved husband and father of a 4 year old and a 7 year old. While not a fan of Mr. Hill may he rest in peace.


What a bleak world in which you live. I didn’t make Adam Hill’s choices for him. I actually thought that his personal and political personas were crass, venal and distasteful. With that said, I take no pleasure in nor responsibility for his suicide. I’m still able to feel regret that he took that path. Had he stuck around to take responsibility for his actions, he might have learned from the experience and grown as a person. You reduce him to a helpless victim with no agency. In fact you dehumanize him more than I do.

Godless Heathen

A person can criticize and even vilify another person while alive and when that person passes they can then also genuinely feel sadness for them and their loved ones. Calling it hypocrisy doesn’t change the fact that people can

feel and express two different emotions toward the same person at different times.


I think the commenters are sad because Adam didn’t have his day in court or be able to inform the public of the corruption he and others participated in


Some of us are people who do have the ability to feel sadness for anyone who passes, particularly those who choose to take their lives. This however, does provide CCN, other media outlets, and our own politicians an opportunity to talk openly and honestly about suicide. How about it Heidi. Use your platform to address the stigma around mental illness and suicide instead of wasting it on gas appliances. Each Mind


The more you talk the More I think you most likely DEE!

Just because people called him out of his bad behavior, which he had a LOT of bad behavior. Doesn’t mean peopkle wished him dead. Only people sick in the head wish people dead!


Not what I would have wanted. I would have preferred to have the investigation go forth and show everybody just what type of person he really was.

Almost guaranteed that he knew that the FBI had some very incriminating evidence on him and was building a strong case. His ego or something in his DNA could not accept the reality of this; so he took the only way out that would keep him from being totally humiliated.

Too bad. But he was not alone – others were involved and hopefully the investigation will bear that out. Yes, politics can be tough – but only when you put yourself and/or your cronies ahead of the citizens you were elected to serve.


Wasting taxpayer money all the way to the big dirt nap.

No sympathy whatsoever for that dirty pol.


This is profoundly sad on all levels . The public arena is brutal , horrid and vile . Regardless of his politics , he was a person in horrible pain . You’re out of pain now . Rest In Peace .


Thank you. Its sad that some people can’t check their personal and political agenda at the door. Even now.


I pray for peace for his family. Despite what he did or didn’t do, they don’t deserve this grief.

Jorge Estrada

He should have been removed from his seat a long time ago, his suicidal maniac behavior should have been enough reason to save him from himself. Allowing him to die on the job was as selfish as his exit. The FBI should continue and provide their results to the public. R.I.P. Mr. Hill

Vic Lamborghini

You’re right. He caused a lot of decent people a lot of grief, and wasted a lot of taxpayer $$$.


I never agreed with him on anything,

I thought he was terrible politically, but this is sad. Nothing to gloat about here, a human being chose a permanent solution to a temporary problem.


While I did not like Hill, I am sad for his family.

I would have liked to have seen him held accountable for his misdeeds and criminal behavior.

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