SLO police seek eight criminal charges against Tianna Arata

August 6, 2020

Tianna Arata, in the center, stomping on a burnt flag


The San Luis Obispo Police Department is seeking five felony and three misdemeanor charges against a woman who organized a July 21 Black Lives Matter protest that included chasing after cars and detaining the drivers.

After conducting a two-week investigation that included watching videos of the protest, officers asked the SLO County District Attorney’s Office to file five felony charges against 20-year-old Tianna Arata: four felony counts of false imprisonment and a felony count of conspiracy. In addition, investigators are seeking three misdemeanor charges against Arata: resisting or obstructing a peace officer, inciting a riot, and unlawful assembly.

After congregating at Mitchell Park, Arata led approximately 300 protesters onto Highway 101 from both Osos Street and California Boulevard, blocking all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour. While on the highway, protesters ran after vehicles attempting to drive off the freeway, blocked vehicles, and yelled profanities at some of the drivers, according to videos of the protest.

In one incident, a protester threw a skateboard at the back window of a car. The window shattered, with the pieces landing on a 4-year-old boy, who was unharmed. Protesters claim the driver had hit a protester.

During Arata’s arrest, 22-year-old Elias Bautista yelled at an officer before kicking him in the crotch. Officers are seeking three felony charges against Bautista: two counts of attempting to deter an officer from doing his job with force, and one count of attempting to take a person from the lawful custody of a peace officer through a riot.

During an Aug. 5 BLM protest, attendees demanded District Attorney Dan Dow not bring charges against Arata. In late July, Dow announced that he will makes his determination based on evidence, not public opinion.

Arraignments for Arata and Bautista are scheduled for Sept. 3.

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Do the cri.e, do the time. Even MLK said if you commit a crime, you have to be prepared for the punishment.

Hopefully DA Dow won’t do the same thing here he did with the rapist cop, remember charges were recommend for the rapist cop and Dow folded like a cheap suit, here lets hope he actually does the right thing and files charges.

Angela Davis wanna be, with a fowl mouth. Saying ”F the police” is not garnering any support from me. She sounds like a thug from a bad rap video…

This is a potentially grave situation. If the BLM is able to put so much pressure on DA Dan Dow, that Dow folds and brings no charges, then SLO County becomes the Wild West with no real semblance of law.

The message that would send to everyone is chilling, and the potential for real trouble becomes staggering.

On the other hand, if Dow follows the law and rightfully charges her, it would be time again for downtown merchants to board-up their windows.

Follow the law, Mr. Dow!

Well Said VL

Book ’em Dan(o)!

So glad to see this moving forward. Hopefully the DA proceeds. This behavior needs to STOP and STOP NOW!

Harmon should be so proud of herself for supporting and aligning herself with these terrorists.

Heidi should also be put in the grey bar motel.

Arata was sent to the Grizzly Academy for a reason ,I doubt it was for just ditching school.

She possibly has prior juvenile/adult criminal record

Why do people keep bringing up her attendance at the Grizzly Youth Academy?

Those kids are not juvenile delinquents, they are at-risk kids who go there voluntarily, not by a court commitment. The teachers and staff are very dedicated to helping these kids turn their lives around. Please, quit blaming the GYA for her bad behavior.

I have respect for the Grizz. It’s largely a good organization. The fact this person experienced it (at taxpayer expense) and then acts the way she does makes her all the more guilty.

Dear DA Dow,

Please support SLOPD and follow-through will filing the recommended charges against Tianna Arata. The video evidence, including that live-streamed by Arata herself, shows her blocking cars and intimidating innocent bystanders. She was even wearing a shirt that says “Riots” on the front! Don’t be intimidated by people who are insisting that you drop the charges. Arata and some of her supporters actively deleted their videos from social media after Arata was arrested which seems to show a consciousness of guilt. Let a jury view the evidence and judge whether the elements are met to find her guilty. Thank you.

P.S. There is also evidence that continues to emerge which shows Arata and her mother approached downtown businesses who boarded up their windows for the original protests in downtown SLO, claiming they were anti-Black Lives Matter and insisting they pay money toward BLM. Arata “outed” some businesses on social media and called for boycotts against them. She’s not an innocent victim, as some of her supporters would have you believe.

I agree she should be arrested, but what good will it do with “zero-bail policy” and the sheriff’s office will release her?

She was already arrested and released with no bail. The guy that kicked the police officer, Elias Bautista, was held on $50,000 bail and supporters raised $5,000 to bail him out that night.

The point here is whether they actually face charges which depends on Dan Dow actually filing the recommended charges against them. Arata and Bautista can choose to enter a plea deal or have their day in court. There will be some form of accountability, which is the point.

There is also anecdotal evidence that Arata approached a thrift store owner and complained that she didn’t have any blacks working there and no black models. She offered to model but said she would have to be paid. Owner said no, as she wasn’t hiring anyone or any models, and Arata threatened to sue her for discrimination! Trying to intimidate a very small business owner. Nice, huh?

Good job LEO, now let’s hope Mr. Dow follows through with a conviction.