Why Jeffery Specht would be a great addition to the SLO City Council

August 23, 2020

Jeffery Specht


My name is Brent Specht. I’m 38 years old, born and raised in San Luis Obispo and I am the son of Jeffery Specht, who is running for SLO City Council. I’d like to explain why I believe Jeffery Specht is a great asset to the city of SLO and should have a seat on the council.

I understand how it may seem obvious or cliché for someone to support his father’s candidacy. However, I have knowledge of who my father truly is that I would like to share.

My entire life I’ve heard him talk about how much he loves San Luis Obispo. He told me stories of how it used to be. And he’s showed me what it’s becoming now and why. He’s spoken to me with great depth about the corruption he sees in city government and how he wants to make a change.  

I usually talk to my father every other day. He gives me advice on how I can strengthen the LLC that I own. He also helps me troubleshoot situations that I encounter and explains how to overcome them. Pretty typical fatherly stuff, right?

The other half of the conversation is about what he’s up to. He tells me about his daily encounters. For example, helping a local resident whose family has been ripped apart by the deeply corrupted CPS, known locally as Child Welfare Services. Or, keeping an eye on a police officer who went too far past the boundaries of his/her job scope.  Also, he’ll talk about how much he supports most of our brave police officers who risk their lives to keep the residents of SLO County safe, while ungrateful people shun, spit, and scream at them. 

One more example of my father’s character is he provided home care for a local resident who was on his death bed despite having undergone a kidney transplant. My father told me he provided personal care for this man because no one else would. The last I heard was this man was doing well.

I asked my father, “Why? Why do you help and advocate for all these people and ask for nothing in return?”  

He said, “Because no one else will, and I want to help them.” 

I then asked, “Why are you spending all of this time and effort running for city council? It just sounds like a lot of added stress.”  

He quickly replied, “Because I want to change our city government into one that supports the people I advocate for, rather than making them a lucrative part of the system. To me, the corruption I see right now is what gives me stress. And when I can help one person or many people overcome horrible situations, I get stress relief.  Seeing positive change in San Luis Obispo is what I get in return.”

Having seen over and over again my father display such selflessness and consideration for residents of SLO, I feel the need to write this commentary and to request that San Luis Obispo voters at the very least consider voting for Jeffery Specht for city council.

Regardless of your political views, consider what you would like to see change. Think about corruption you’ve encountered at some time in SLO and how that made you feel. Do you want some of the change that Jeffery Specht is promising to make if elected?

Jeffery Specht is a good man, father, husband, friend, and a true asset to the city of San Luis Obispo.

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What a great letter Brent about your Dad! Appears Jeff did very well in raising you sir. I grew up with Jeff. My Dad and your Grandfather served in the military together. Heck, your Grandparents and my parents spent some time together.

Growing up, I knew Jeff to have a very strong sense of who he was. Apparently, he never outgrew that. A good thing for sure. He was always on top of his game. The “game?”, fairness for everyone. Truth to power. Don’t let the bullies run you over.

Best wishes for your Dad Brent. And thank you for such a great letter/opinion! God bless you, your family, and your Dad/Mom, and siblings.

First off, what a great kid to write this op-ed about his dad. I met your dad only once on Jan 14th, 2020 in front of the courthouse about an hour before he spoke about SLO police wrongdoing at the city council meeting. This was a few months after Bubbers was shot by officer Walsh. The protest was also around custody of the 2 girls that were taken from the Orndoff’s in the lost gun knee-jerk fiasco with illegal search outside of SLO City limits by Cantrell’s keystone cops (which will cost SLO City big bucks in lawsuits). From that one meeting I have carried a lasting positive impression about your dad. I’m credentialed by Univ of Idaho and by naval HFACS for the last ten years investigating human performance failures and work procedure errors. After interviewing hundreds of workers after costly mishaps and safety infractions I’m a pretty good judge of context, motivation and sincerity. Within minutes I could tell Jeffrey Specht has sincerity, conviction, righteous priorities and is a shaker and a mover. Vote Specht!

What a joke this guy is. Seriously.

I didn’t read anything funny. Reads like he’s has more on the table than the current Mayor?

Nasty comment Eyes Everywhere, adds nothing to conversation,

Sadly your Father really isn’t a viable candidate. In the process of running, he’ll cleave votes away from candidates that are not only electable, but also solid upgrades compared the current city council member running for reelection, as well as the former, disgraced Mayor of SLO.

Why do you say that Jeffery Specht isn’t a viable candidate? Care to elaborate?

Two seats open on the council and one incumbent running for re-election.

So you have Pease and Jan Marx, plus 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 challengers.

The SLO Democrats are backing Harmon/Marx/Pease with money and volunteers.

These nine challengers, most of them little-known, will likely split the anti-Harmon vote and allow the Dems ticket to sweep into office.

So, yes, Specht’s chances are nominal at best. It’s a free country and anyone can run, but the strategy should be on coaxing some of these people to drop out and run a counter slate to Harmon. If the best Jeff can do is get his son to write a supportive letter, well, there isn’t much hope, is there?

@ Dave,

In these crazy times that we are living?, anything is possible. Perhaps his Sons letter will have an impact. At least for those of us who can still think for ourselves and have God given morals.

Extremely well said.

I will add that Sandra Marshall-Eminger who is also running for mayor, is also skewed to the left. Hopefully there will be some vote-splitting between her and Harmon, which will work to Cherisse Sweeney’s (cherissesweeney.com) advantage.

The SLO Mayor and SLO City Council need to become non-partisan once more. Cherisse Sweeney’s is the only viable candidate running for mayor who is not consumed by Democratic Party politics.

“If the best Jeff can do is get his son to write a supportive letter”, there certainly is much hope. “Family” support is a very good statement.

My comments are not meant to be mean or cruel. They are based on Mr. Specht’s previous two runs for municipal office in the City of SLO, and their difficult outcomes for him. While I have not analyzed his past campaigns, I suspect poor showings are due to lack of organization, money and endorsements.

I have no doubt that Mr. Specht would be an upgrade to both Heidi Harmon and Andy Pease. In reality though, his run will do little more than take votes from viable candidates (and HUGE upgrades) like Erik Long and Abrianna Torres.

Given the small size of SLO’s electorate, every vote is going to count in the November election.

Oh, my, my.. The same voters who got upset when I pointed out that outlaw bikers are not good citizens or people, simply because the have toy runs at Christmas.