7 people killed at illegal marijuana grow in California

September 9, 2020

Farm in rural Riverside County

Seven people were shot and killed at an illegal marijuana grow and processing operation in Riverside County early Monday morning, deputies said.

Shortly after midnight, deputies responded to reports of an assault with a deadly weapon at a home in rural Riverside County. Deputies arrived to find a woman suffering from gun shot wounds and six additional gunshot victims. The woman later died from her injuries.

The seven victims were all from Laos, a small country that borders Thailand.

Deputies found more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana and several hundred marijuana plants inside the home, the sheriff’s department said.

Since the state legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, the heavily regulated industry produces more than seven times the amount of pot purchased by Californians. Meanwhile, the black market has grown with California supplying much of the country’s illegal cannabis.

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So sad the reality is that pot does kill …sometimes atleast…my condolences in this time of grieving

It makes me laugh every time I drive past a dispensary …People 6 feet apart mask on standing in 100+ degree weather to buy some weed at 3 or 4 times the price its worth .

Someday I’m going to stop and ask these fish frying in the sun …. What the heck why areyou waiting in line in the sun so you can get ripped off ???

None of the people I see in line look like they can even afford the over priced weed .. None of it makes sense ,why don’t they grow 6 plants like they are allowed and save 500.00 to 1000.00 a month ….They could buy some new clothes ,, the folks I see waiting in line look they shop online for clothes at the Goodwill ….wearing 5.00 worth of clothes but going to spend 80.00 at the dispensary for 5.00 worth of weed….I don’t know I don’t understand it

If the grow was legal, you call the cops when your property is being terrorized. If you have an illegal grow, you’re on your own. Additionally, no one ever calls the cops after the fact to report “someone stole my drugs”.

The county keeps the price of cannabis high by limiting who can grow, where they can grow it, how much they can grow, and who can grow. Additionally, the squeeze every dime they can out of legal growers, who then pass the price along to customers. It’s a plant that grows easily; keeping the price high invites the gray and black markets. The problem here is corrupt and greedy county administrators. As I’ve said in the area where I live, cannabis was more legal before it became legal.

The questions raised by this are 1) how is a so-called ‘legal’ grow any safer for nearby residents, and 2) how has the illegal market and the gray area market been exacerbated by county accepting this junk industry here?

how is a so-called ‘legal’ grow any safer for nearby residents

How is a pharmacy safer than a meth lab?

How are they different?

Regulations like; video systems covering every square inch of a facility, logging in and out of all employees and site visitors, 24/7 access by local police to security system, track and trace of product, environmental monitoring, and regular none scheduled inspections.

Too bad the pharmacies don’t take these same precautions….